Review of S.H.E is my…

Title : S.H.E is my…

Author: Mohit Jain


Mohit Jain’s first two books basically share his knowledge about management and related topics, but his recent book, S.H.E is my…, a fiction one, definitely brings out a new art of the author. If those books feed knowledge in the mind of management students, this book works nothing less for the one who has the virus of she.

As the back cover says :

”It has been twenty years in the industry and now having seen his rise, fall and re-rise, he plans to retire. Some chemistry he had with girls. His circle mostly had female tangents. It was indeed a psychological pleasure for him. Not everybody is god at this unique feature. He pampered and charmed all those women with whom he has never in a relationship with, till one day he realized that his life has 3 girlfriends already. His wife, his daughter, and his that female friend-the S.HE., who taught him to humble and dedicated to his family. Finally, he got committed to all 3 of them.”

“Anyhow, 80% of the people can’t understand 90% of what I say. Who am I? What am I?”

“I just have one love. I am Eklavya.”

In the beginning, the book has all the power, strength and magnetic effect to pull readers towards it. The excellent presence of humor, well-defined character, involvement of proper amount of suspense makes a delightful content a reader is in search of. On seeing the amount of suspense it created in the beginning, I was all set to complete it in a single sit.

The role of Krishna in protagonist’s life is clueless and the protagonist itself is a mystery in the first few pages.The part when the story keeps everything hidden under the blanket is very intriguing and interesting.When Eklavya starts to narrate his story, the thread humorously knitted in the beginning starts to loose its strength to some extent, as I was expecting for something more unique and different.

I found myself lost in the middle of the story, the process of juxtaposing past and present events creates confusion in the mind of readers and that is where the link weakens, but again when reader approaches towards end, from blur and shattered images, everything seems to be at their respective places. Although the story is dedicated to Eklavya (a powerful character, one would get to know after going through this book), but it is not the story of Eklavya only, this is the story who has S.H.E in his life.

Author’s way of presentation is different and maturity in the art of writing is maintained throughout. Writing style has a wonderful pace and a soothing effect that links the events artistically. While reading the book, each and every facet of the story, would get accommodation in the pool of imagination. Readers could very well visualize the events and sometimes even feel it.

Some grammatical errors are there in the book, which if proofreading could be done properly then can be eliminated. But there are very few mistakes, so it doesn’t hinder much in the reading journey and the soothing writing fashion act as the shield.

Recommended to all male out there! Through this book you would get to understand a vital part of your life or call it the virus of S.H.E which is in your genes.A page turner!

Rating:3.7 /5

Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

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