Review of Second Spring

Title : Second Spring


Author : Sandhya Jane




Blurb : This is Avantika’s heartfelt journey through love and life…


As a smart, successful, thirty-eight-year-old single mother, Avantika seemingly has it all: a great career as a seasoned banking professional, respect and admiration from her peers as an able leader, fulfillment as a mother, and so many other things.


What is it, then, that drives her towards Rohan, a man six years her junior? He’s a man who ideally would not occupy much room in Avantika’s otherwise sorted mind space.


She has told herself she has no time for love. Then, why does she make the choices she makes? Is it the sameness and banality of everyday existence? Is it the emotional vacuum? A need to relive life? A feeling that life as she has truly lived and felt is passing her by?


However, as she struggles with her feelings, Avantika and Rohan part ways… only to meet again. To what end? Why does Rohan want her back… and why now?


So many questions! Very few answers!


Avantika’s journey is as spiritual as it is emotional. Can love give second chances? Join Avantika in the twists and turns of her story, through her ponderings over the mysteries and vagaries of the word “love,” the complexities of human relationships, and the reassessment of all the values she has held dear…



My View :

‘Second spring’, an heartfelt story of Avantika and Rohan which traces the path of their simple yet complex relationship.The story is narrated sharing both the protagonist’s view and doing justice with both of them.Most of the time, reader’s would get to  hear only one person’s voice.Letting the voice of two different protagonist’s to be heard out needs a lot of work to be done so that it doesn’t create maze in reader’s mind.Authoress has done a commendable job in doing that work properly.I was very comfortable while connecting to both the protagonists.


One after another, both of them shared their feelings, and at same time, story progresses ahead without creating any hindrance in the reading journey and maintaining the flow of the story.On the other hand, author’s writing style is simple yet effective.It provides a soothing effect in the reading journey.And also. the events are interesting to encounter and easy to relate with.


For a good time I was not able to relate properly with the content.And that remains till  the first chapter.The moment I hopped up for second chapter there was no stop.Whatever she narrates creates a blur image in my mind,though hard I try to imagine it properly the images come clouded till the first chapter, but after that everything seems at their appropriate place and the journey suddenly became interesting.The reason behind the inconvenience is the fast pace of the story.The story takes such long steps that it was hard to have proper insight to the story and to feel it to the core.But as one moves ahead, readers would get accustomed to it.


At places I found words like info replaced by information.In pieces of literature, author shouldn’t play with the purity of language while addressing something.If it could be used in conversation then only it would be okay with me. Well that happened at very few places, so it can be easily avoided or maybe to many readers it wouldn’t bother that much but for a literature lover it may.


Irrelevant details scattered here and there is what I found in this book as a loophole.At some places authoress dig so much of unnecessary information that it irks reader for eg on page number 47 the last paragraph which continues to irk  to the first paragraph of page 48 .And on page 227,history of Simi Valley that Rohan googled out was covered.I’m covering the loopholes in details because I wanted it to come out as a flawless piece because I so like the story.
The end was not how I supposed it to be,but it is the way it has to be.Authoress has done a great job while knitting the plot.Her  straightforward views let readers think sharply and her candid note on life would let readers realize how things take a turn nowadays.But obvious, with a change in time,stories has changed, and also the way human reacts, but to know who is the one to hold your hand till eternity is  the vital decision to lead a happy life. I quite appreciate the note this story ended on.The story succeeded in showing readers a new facet to life.Through the protagonist Avantika, authoress brings a message for readers that it is easy to flow in the whirlwind of emotion , but hard to take a wise decision at the proper time.


A book which has more than a story to serve to readers.


A lovely read!


Rating : 4.1/5


Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

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