Review of Seeing The Girl


Author- Anuradha Vijayakrishnan

“Seeing the girl”, a debut novel by Anuradha Vijayakrishnan is an unusual story of three women named Janaki, Leela, and Amma. It is an esoteric book which is written in a poetic manner. The story basically revolves around the lives of these three chief characters of the book.

Coming to the story of the book, as the cover says it is a tale laced with the emotions and sentiments of a girl, named Janaki. Her family includes Leela her younger sister, her father and her mother, Amma. Janaki is totally different from others. She lives in her own world. She loves to spend time in her small garden with birds, snakes and friendly ghosts. She is a simple girl who lives life in her own way.
The book commence with a situation in which a traditional ritual of seeing a girl by a boy for arranged marriage is demonstrated. Thereafter, several unexpected and unpredictable circumstances and events take place in the story when Janaki rejects the boy for marriage. Janaki narrates this story of hers, also allowing Amma and Leela to describe their interpretations related to life and it’s truth.
The life of Janaki completely changes when a marriage takes place at her home. The book depicts the conditions and turn of events which occur in her life. Her life takes an unanticipated turn when she’s been sent away from her home. Her expulsion form her family leads to various struggles in her life. Janaki comes to know some of the unrevealed facts of her life and her family. In between, many happenings occur in the life of Leela, and her mother, Amma. The book shows that how these three women face some dark sides, dejection, agony and sorrow in their lives.

The author beautifully presented the story. The story is tinged with poetic approach. The words used in the book evidently describe the intensity of the story of the chief protagonist i.e. Janaki. Her reactions, instincts, delusions, and dreams are depicted in a very remarkable way by the author. The climax or the twist of the story is certainly eye-catching. It is capable to hold one’s attention.

Some lines give ablaze essence of all the feelings and fervor. This story is a mixture of enigma, plethora of emotions related to love-hate relationship, suspense and questions. An exceptional and an atypical journey of Janaki, Leela, and Amma is described in a fine manner. Even, the pain, and isolation through which Janaki goes, is narrated by the author in a very captivating way. The sentiments and feelings of Janaki are lucidly shown in the story.

The story consists of different ups and downs which are confronted by all the three major protagonist of the book. I felt that this was an unfamiliar yet interesting read for me. Every aspect of Janaki’s life was placed under scrutiny. As it is not an usual tale with common elements in it, rather it is a intricate network of some bizarre situations related to a girl’s life. And so, it is possible that very rare people could relate themselves with the story.

‘Poetry is the way we help give name to nameless so that it can be thought. The farthest horizons of our hopes and fears are cobbled by the poems, carved from the rock experiences of our daily lives.’ I liked the poetic touch given by the author in her book which grab the attention of readers. The way how author portrayed this twisted and intricate tale of a simple girl, Janaki is noteworthy.

The story has no end and the characters withstand every catastrophe in their life. The author smartly brings out some of the unbelievable and peculiar images in the book. The script was both deft and unconventional. This book involves some poems which are decorated with expressive and meaningful words. Those who simply enjoy poems and its beautiful strands, this is the book for you. The finesse and an aptitude of author for poetic art is distinctly demonstrated in the book.

Rating- 3.8/5

Reviewer- Shivani Chauhan

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