Review of Shattered Dreams

Title: Shattered Dreams

Author: Shubha Vilas


Every story has something to teach and something to learn from. An epic story to the credit of India, ’Ramayana’ of which every Indian is familiar with is up to reach to you in a different taste and with a new flavor.

Blurb :

Shattered Dreams is the sequel to the national bestseller, Rise of the Sun Prince, is the new spiritual and motivational series Ramyana-The Game of life. Twelve joyful years have passed in Ayodhya since the wedding of Rama and Sita at the end of the Book1.

Now in Shattered Dreams, Shubha Vilas narrates the riveting drama of Rama’s exile. Through tales of Rama’s unwavering and enigmatic persona, the book teaches u show to handle reversals positively; through Bharata’s actions, it teaches us to handle temptation; and through Sita’s courage, to explore beyond our comfort zone. This complicated family drama provides deep insights on how human relationships work and how they fail.

With Valmiki’s Ramayana as its guiding light, Shattered Dreams deftly entwines poetic beauty from the Kamba Ramayana and Ramacharitmanas, as well as folk philosophy from the Loka Pramana tales, to demonstrate how the ancient epic holds immediate relevance to modern life. Experience the ancient saga of the Ramayana like never before!

Similar to the first book in the series, or can say even with more accuracy in the work, Shubha Vilas has coated this book with his fine knowledge of Ramayana and divine art of narration. A divine and classic flow in the writing fashion of the author brings in the charm to provide soothing effect to the reading journey.

Author’s words directly chords with the reader’s mind and does makes a connection with reader’s heart. With this connecting power in his portraying style, reader gets a feel of reality that everything narrated in the book is happening in real, close to him/her, so close that he/she could visualize it properly.

Apart from the connectivity with the reader, this book tells something different which many of us are not aware of, and those series of interesting events keeps reader’s interest alive throughout the reading journey.

Though almost all of us are aware of the story of Ramayana, but the way this book has given a detailed description of each event makes the day of the reader. A charismatic ambiance is created while going through this book, and you would find yourself completely involved, engaged and surrounded with the characters.

Precisely, I would say, a perfect way to make people learn about the story of Ramayana, and the lesson it teaches.

Highly Recommended!

Rating: 5/5

Reviewer: Shweta Kesari

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