Review of Silent Steps

Title : Silent Steps


Poet: Gopal Lahiri


Silent Steps by Gopal Lahiri


Silent steps reaches towards you and speaks a lot,some known some unknown,directly or indirectly, it gushes what it wants.Hold on dear poetry readers because here comes a poetry anthology by Gopal Lahiri.


This is the second book I read of the poet and it made quiet the same impact Living Inside has made.Some different in nature and some different styles I discovered of poet, but the same charisma is there which envelops readers till he/she completes all the poems.A flow is what a reader seeks for when going through any poem so that he/she can easily float along with it,and that’s what is the quality of his poems.


As what the poet said ‘Poetry is his expression of feelings and ultimate passion.He being an earth scientist has traveled a lot all over India and abroad and his poems stored all those memories of pastime.His works weave through nature and he communicates in his own inimitable style.’These lines tell that from where has the poems originated,collecting all the hues from the world poet comes up with a book pouring his heart out.


I couldn’t learn much from the title to that of cover,both of them somehow fails to compliment each other which results in reader’s disinterest in the book at first look.But when he/she get to know about the poet and if he/she have read his writings before,can definitely pick up this book.For that, publisher should take care of it, to appoint a good graphic designer who can understand reader’s as well as poet’s choice.


The poems are easy to understand and easy to go with.Reader’s out there can pick up this book and make their day.Happy Reading!


Rating: 4.5/5


Reviewer: Shweta Kesari 

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