Review of Silver is for Secrets


Title: Silver is for Secrets

Authoress: Laurie Faria Stolarz

“Silver is for secret” by Laurie Faria Stolarz is a story of six friends and their adventures trip where the main protagonists are Stacy and Jacob, where Stacy happens to have nightmares and she tries to protect the life of people who she saw in her nightmares with the bouquette of lilly flowers.

As the back cover says : ‘School is over, and now Stacey, her boyfriend Jacob, and their friends have rented a beach cottage for the summer. But then Stacey has nightmares warning of forthcoming death- predicting the cruel death of Clara, a mysterious girl with a secret.And now Jacob, the only one who understands Stacey’s magic, is keeping secrets, too. Is Jacob betraying Stacey’s trust or protecting her from revenge and tragedy?

The first look at the book and it worked as a magnet.The title seemed unique and enchanting and on the other hand cover design is surely inviting.Also, after reading the blurb, readers couldn’t resist themselves from reading it.The story seemed full of suspense and it cordially welcomes you.’

The story accelerates making a good impression on reader’s mind providing the required base in the very beginning creating a beautiful ambience.
A beautiful theme has been choosen by the authoress and the stoyline is also very good but the insiginificant descriptions in between worked as hinderance resulting in divergence of flow.Author’s imagination played a vital role in this book but could be implemented in a better way that readers could easily relate with them.

On the other hand, characterization has been done very-well by the authoress.The story could be more relatable if presented well.I could visualize the scenes to good extent.I wish there could be more twist in the story, instead of the different magical tricks she applied.I was completely engaged in reading the last few pages.They hooked me to it until it came to an end.In short, the start and end of the story is interesting and the middle portion is a bit clumsy.The authoress properly maintained the suspense in the end, and I liked it very much.

The downfall of the book are as follows : at many places such events has been amalgamated that doesn’t require to be a part of the story.Also, authoress has given way more description at some places than required.

For all the folks out there, who wants to try something different you could go for this book.It’s an interesting story book serving you a fresh flavour.

Rating: 3.4/5

Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

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