Review of Six Plus one wish

Title: The Six Plus one Wish

Author: Anubhav Joyotirmoy


A story of ghost in the absence of scare! Well, such stories are rare to find and when one finds, the story is stated to be lacking in the storyline or narration that fails to raise goose bumps. But, ‘The Six+1 Wish’, by Anubhav Jyotirmoy could change your perceptions. The story is about seven not so extraordinary wishes by some extraordinary souls holding suspense in its arms.

As the back cover says:”

We are often so caught up in our daily life and routines that we don’t have time to fulfill our own wishes. Sometimes the fear of society’s disapproval stops u from doing what we desire. We hesitate in sharing our secrets and truths our friends and relatives, loved ones and others. We want to express our love for the people around us but always leave it for another day. For most of us though, that day never comes and we carry our hidden desires and wishes to the grave.

Except for…the lucky six!

The Six +1 wish is the story of how these six do get a second chance to fulfill the biggest wishes of their lives.”

The suspense it creates through first few pages drew my excitement towards it, but as I proceeded ahead, it lend me to an unexpected place, to me it was surprising as I expected a lot and something different from it. Still I was going through it to atleast get near to the suspense and mystery it holds at the initial level.

In the first half of the story, I couldn’t understand where the story is heading. What I concluded after completing the first half is that the book is an amalgamation of irrelevant events and conversations which at times doesn’t rely on the storyline of the story. Through conversation I could conclude that this is the book playing with the issue of inter-caste marriages, as you will encounter such episodes in the book to make you think so.

In the second half, the story takes a new turn and turns interesting. From here onwards story shapes up to its best, and all the doubts I was having regarding the story starts to unfold. Also, all those events and episodes I thought irrelevant in the beginning, starts to make sense in the second half, and everything fits in the place. I wish if the same could be maintained in the first half.

A simple writing style has been adopted by the author. Theme is good and story is somewhat unique and energetic, a better implementation of the story could take it to a whole new level. Sequence of events could be jumbled up in such a manner so that readers don’t get bored in the first section. It could be presented in the manner of juxtaposing present and past events to make it interesting and fun altogether.

A fresh storyline with a lucid narration, specially recommended to novice readers!

Rating: 3.5/5

Reviewer: Shweta Kesari

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