Review of Spilling Down the Wine Glass

Cover of Spilling Down The Wine Glass

Title: Spilling Down the Wine Glass

Author: Pushpendu Mondal

This piece of literature is based on three intertwined strands – Love, Politics and Revenge. The story is about how lives of certain people get connected through their twisted fate. The book not only has substantive love, but also contains other components like drama, friendship, emotions and an unending quest to win over things and people, which is portrayed in a riveting way.

“A clash between political parties turns wicked when the Chief Minister Shekhar Vajpayee is assassinated at a political rally in MMRDA Ground, Mumbai. The assassin, veiled by a stampede of thousands, escapes.

A series of political homicides ensue, and the police brush their hands off the case. Someone high up the ladder is calling the shots.

Things turn twisted when three strangers lives’ are entwined :
Revathi Shekhar – a hot-headed, spunky politician’s daughter – in the search for a lifelong commitment.

Siddharth Roy Chowdury – a young, ambitious politician – ready to cross anyone to climb up the political ladder.

Arjun Rao – a heart-broken army soldier – with nothing to lose, yet vengeful.

In Mumbai, where the factionless rule supreme, will these three stand up against evil ? Or will they be silenced, like many more before them ?

Spilling Down the Wine Glass is a page-turner that will leave you desperate for more.”

My View:
What happens when love is interwoven with political beliefs and ideas? Will it lead to something destructive or it’s just a strategy to win? What happens when your past starts haunting your present life and future? Is there really such a thing as starting over? And amidst this, what would happen next when the destiny play its truants? Well, you need to check it out! The book has the answer to all the questions.

To begin with, the enchanting cover and title is perfect to grab the attention of readers. Adding to it, the blurb hints to an interesting plot without giving away too much and made me want to read it. Also, I was keen to discover the political facet of the book and it made me more likely to want to read it.

Moving towards the characters of the book, each one of them represent a strong image and convey the three aspects of the story – Love, Politics and Revenge. The centralized characters- Revathi, Siddharth and Arjun are well crafted and draw the readers into their own world. I find Revathi’s character quite intense and powerful.

The effective use of language makes the story sound interesting. The narrative style of the author is specific and not stretched anywhere. The change in time period doesn’t seem vague, but it is clear and specific. To me, the beginning appeared to be intriguing and engaging. Thereafter, I was inquisitive to know about how and where the assassination of Minister took place.

Furthermore, the whole expression of the book relies on the culture in modern society which emphasizes on individualism, success and diplomacy. Also, the book is tinged with a sense of loss and several emotional effects. In the present time, feelings play an exaggerated role, but in an instant, they can come crashing to the ground.
Consequently, it is appealing to young people as they can relate to the topics mentioned in the book.

The story is a bumpy ride full of twists and turns in the life of the main characters. But if you are expecting some mystery and suspense element, then it doesn’t involve that.

There’s a certain newness and freshness in the script. And that being so, this was an enticing read for me.

Altogether, it’s a dramatic and captivating story.

Rating: 4/5

Reviewer: Shivani Chauhan

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