Review of Still Waiting

Author- Prateek Shukla


‘Still waiting’ by Prateek Shukla is a diminutive story of a teenager Sunny, a tale of friendship and love, list of adventures in search of his love, when he doesnt even know the name of his love and that is what glued me to the book to know how the story would end.

As the back cover says, Sunny and Adi were best friends studying in 12th standard of St. Lawrence School, Kolkata. They both did not believe in Love. Adi’s favorite pastime was eating cheese burger while Sunny was an underground hacker. Everything was going finr in their lives “And Something Happened Which Nonsensical Incidences”. A beautiful girl proposed Sunny infront of everyone in the school fete and disappeared.
Who was the beautiful girl? Will Sunny be able to find her ? Will this change Sunny’s opinion about love ?

The book blurb cleverly depicts the content it holds. An essence of teenage love is there in the story. Some crisps of laughter are also there to make the environment lively. Use of easy language makes it to go in a smooth flow and the title is appropriate for the story and so do the tagline ‘Love never end…because life has a lot more to love.’

An happy ending is what I was expecting from the book.Even after doing numerous things for her,he couldn’t meet the love of his life though he learned a lesson at the end. Some noticable typo mistakes are there which could be avoided.I wish there could be more interesting adventures to make this book more entertaining.

Rating- 3.5/5

Reviewed by Shweta Kesari

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