Review of The Art of Conversation

Title: The Art of Conversation

Author: Godfrey Harris

Cover photo of The Art of Conversation by Godfrey Harris

‘Conversation’,though anyone could converse, but the one who knows what to say when and where wins the battle. Conversation plays a very vital role in every field of life; it holds the prowess to let you win any battle and could also make you lose. So, it’s essential to know importance of conversation and how to make healthy conversation and build and maintain relations through it. ’The Art of Conversation’ by Godfrey Harris, is the book written for all the introverts and shy out there.

As the back cover says:”
Talk is easy!

To a lot of people making conversation with a stranger is about as scary as meeting their potential in-laws for the first time.

-How do you get beyond the how-do-you-do stage?
-How do you know what to say to someone you’ve never met before?
-How do you change the subject when a conversation gets boring?
This new book by Godfrey Harris shows listeners how to deal with each of these questions and a lot more in both business and social strings. It gives listeners simple-to-remember techniques to help them make their conversation as fluid as a river flowing towards the ocean. By the time a small business owner, corporate salesperson, network marketer, or anyone else finishes the book, they should be able to have a conversation with a member of the Royal Family or a member of the Royal Mounted Police whether they are alone with them in a room or standing in a crowd at an airport, whether the subject is financial matters or family matters.

We are absolutely certain that those who read this book can learn how to make conversation with anyone at any time in any situation.”

In the beginning, author tells us about the three P’s that are necessary to become good conversationalist i.e. Planning, practice and Patience. With various practical examples and anecdotes of some events, author tells us about how should a conversation should flow, and how to control the flow so that your fellow mate don’t get bored of you. Precisely and lucidly, it covers the basics of the art of conversation and do’s and don’ts of healthy conversation.

This book covers the following things: How to practice conversation and what role does conversation play in each field. How to initiate a conversation and how to perform well in the middle of conversation. The role of body language in conversation and the way listener analyzes you while conversation is going on. What to response in difficult situations so that it couldn’t bother you later. Different and difficult kinds of conversation, views of conversation , more and more practice and good listening and other conversational situations.

The best thing about the book is number of exercises are provided in this book giving different situations as how to go through and handle such situations and how you can make an easy conversation with anyone. Not dealing with theory of healthy conversation, this book deals as how to implement the tactics of healthy conversation, continue or initiate conversation with anyone.

Some more situations should be given to the reader that occur often in his/her life .Along with that, in the following pages, a hint needed to be there as how it should go and what could be reader’s responses along with what it should be (as given in some situations).Apart from that, a good book for the introvert one or anyone who are afraid of talking to strangers or with anyone shy people don’t feel comfortable with.
Be comfortable with this book and let others feel comfortable with your words. A good book to know the basics of art of conversation!


Reviewer: Shweta Kesari

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