Review of The Book of James Carrom

Title : The Book of James Carrom


Author : Shubham Pandey




Book Blurb :

” But why do you want to be a bad ghost??’
‘I am not a ghost, I am the Tarehonuck King!’


Arthur McKutcher and his best friend, Tom Metagom, are two happy-go-lucky twelve- year-olds, who thirst for adventure.


But when adventure knocks on their door, in the form of a vengeful Tarehonuck, James Carrom, will they turn and run, or will they fight back?


Taking help from experienced allies, Raymon Velmin and the Zahabevs, they must battle monsters they have only just heard legends of: Vampires and ghosts, and interact with creatures they have never even heard of: Tarehonucks (a hyper-intelligent race of the undead, who have developed special powers) and the Zahabevs, a race of magical warriors, who protect humans, and who have vowed to end the Tarehonuck race.


Amongst the chaos of trying to find and kill James Carrom, Arthur finds out the real plan for James’ utter and complete revenge. But will he be able to stop him?


My View  : The first impression this book made on me was quite effective,the cover design whispers about the mystery and the fun this book holds,but the title doesn’t hint in particular about the plot,but is chosen in such a way that it impresses reader.Also,the external elements suggests that,this piece of literature would be from an experienced writer or from a newbie who has spend hours in reading for years.
But as soon as,I step ahead for the author’s bio, I was hopeful and hopeless at the same moment. Hopeful that such a young writer has given wings to his thoughts,and hopeless because I doubt whether my expectations from the book would turn down.Let’s take a sneak peek how this piece of literature worked for me.


The beginning of the story showcases a great thrill.It makes reader’s mind to prepare for the thrill ahead.As I paced ahead, facets opens with great ease but the flavour and the spark misses, maybe because a teen head is not reading it.I think the story is carved by a teen head for teen heads.The plot is good but the way it has been knitted is quite charmless.



His writing style is matured according to his age, and his narrating fashion seems to be inspired from foreign writers. Novice readers would find difficulty in dealing with his style,while ardent reader would like to discover more of his writings.He portrays the incident with a style and his style doesn’t seem to be compromise with the story.


Some of the facts seem completely ignored as if it doesn’t participate in the story,but questions on the same facts keep on knocking reader’s mind to find out the answers in the author’s word.When events switched from one to another,it escapes without notifying readers which left readers to know more of the events.The way one event starts and the way one event ends need to be polished fervently.As a result, some of the events just blurred out without causing its impact on reader’s mind.


I praise for the efforts author has put into it.No doubt he has done great hard work for this book and I’m pretty sure that in coming years he will do wonders in literature field and win over many hearts.But to reach that point, he has to climb many step and involve more maturity in his story.


The wild imagination this teen author has hammered in this book is good enough to lure teens and interesting enough to keep their interest alive.


From a teen’s perspective it is an interesting and thrilling read.


Rating : 3.7/5




Reviewer  : Shweta Kesari

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