Review of The Departing Point

Title : The Departing Point


Author : Santosh Avvannavar, Jyoti Byahatti and Raghunath Babu Are




The feeling of incomplete love can tear you apart and will make you numb. It is a famous quote – To love is something and to be loved is everything. The book goes opposite of this quote making the love departed in mid-way. The Departing Point  is a collection of seven short stories woven with the feeling of love. Author has adopted a very well suited title for the book.


The cover of the book is simple. It consists of some balloons with words embedded in it like patience, hope, trust, kind etc. The concept of the cover is same as the other books of author. This is the third book in which I have seen the same concept having words on the cover page which are used to describe the insights of book.


The Last letter : The last letter is a story about a boy whose love becomes blur in the desires of his girlfriend. His love is more concerned about her career rather than about her relationship. She wants to fulfill her desire and hence she left in midway. The story is common but the way author delineates the story is heart-touching. The story has sections of letters, flashback and present. The whole story is depicted by the help of these three sections which goes on changing according to the number. A common theme but nice attempt by the author.


Derailed : It is a story about a college boy stuck between two girls. It is always hard to handle situations of having two girls aside. The situation becomes harder when you need to select your love. The story revolves around the two girls named Anjali and Emily and a boy. The boy addresses various uneasy situations and by time boy understands the value of love and friendship. A nice read.


Julie Loves Me : The beginning of the story was good and goes on pleasing and interesting after each turn but at last reader’s mind will be filled with sadness. A story in which a girl loves a boy and a boy loves a girl, they both unites, spent quality time together, make memories and at last their relationship ends and they separate. A story full of emotions.


Checklist Love : The title itself suggest that what the story is about? Protagonist has a checklist for everything which he wanted to achieve, so the case is with love. First he searches his love and then tries to get her love. He was almost successful in getting his love but things went wrong at last.


My cindrella : A story in which protagonist tries to acquire his love. At times the story is related to the movie DDLJ and protagonist compares his life with Raj. A nice read.


Open and Closed Love : The story is mediocre in the sense of capturing of reader’s mind and making them glued to the book. A story with no drama. The story is about a boy and his love for a girl who disappears first then appears then again disappears and the same rolled again and again.


Na Paki na Gulab Nadir ko baksh do Jannab : The story begins with a case playing in the court of law. As the story rolls out the protagonist and his love is clear in reader’s mind. Whole story is based on the conversations played in the court. A story with a nice plot.


All the stories are based on rejection. As the subheading says –“two people departed” , the book completely catches the subheading and in every story the love becomes blur at the end. The writing style is easy and one can easily complete the book without taking the help of dictionary. Some of the stories in the book are common, some may ignite the feeling of boredom and some may poke you to keep the book aside.


Altogether a nice read.


Rating : 2.5/5


Reviewer : Megha Biloniya

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