Review of The Fine Print of Life


Author- P.S. Wasu

“The fine print of life” is the first book by P.S. Wasu. This book represents that how one can spend his or her lifetime creatively, blissfully and freely. The book helps you to understand the basic elements of life. It is a philosophical and analytical book which deals with the journey of life through many real life situations and instances.

As the cover says that ‘how Panna Lal found happiness, wisdom and Mishri Devi’ shows the journey of a man’s life who constantly is in search of contentment, satisfaction and joy. The book deals with the lives of several people such as Panna Lal, Mishri Devi, Hira Lal, Jalebi Devi, Barfi Devi and others. As they set out to explore the fundamental questions related to life i.e. happiness, success, failure and many more. Our life is composed of events and states of mind.The book consists of five and a half wheels of destiny are very essential for living life joyously and creatively. They are namely:

-Minding it: The foremost wheel explains about the importance of our state of mind. Our state of mind is the engine that drives our life. The wheel explains about an optimal state of mind which is mandatory for living a life full of gladness. The wheel is further divided into five and a half aspects which constitute an optimal state of mind. The author discussed about openness of mind, intensity of mind, and an instinctive mind through short tales of Panna Lal, Jawahar Lal, etc.

-Finding it: This wheel is about the divergent doors that lead to an optimal state of mind. The wheel consists of five and a half facets which allow us to flow in an optimal and thoughtful state of mind. The author talked over unforced and voluntary actions of mind. Also, the book revolves about living in the moment and providing pleasure through gratification of the senses by taking several examples.

-Seeing it: Here, the wheel represents the state of enlightenment after we inculcate an optimal state of mind in our life. We view this state of wisdom and awareness through five and a half different angles. The story deals with the stages of enlightenment. And through this state of refinement ,virtue and sageness come naturally in one’s life. Various instances have been discussed in the book related to it.

-Being it: In this wheel, the story depicts the authenticity and truthfulness of the enlightenment state. The wheel helps us to understand the ways by which we can ingress this state of awareness and understanding in our lives. The author discussed about how allowing things, the art of non-interference, and coming out of the shell can prove to be effective and useful in one’s life.

-Walking it: It is about five and a half different ways such as the king’s way,the spider’s way and many more, to go about the journey called, Life. Life is a continuous and an interesting journey. The story says that, at no point we can say that we have arrived and reached to our final destination.

-Playing it: As the name suggests, the author compared the life to a game. The wheel reveals five and a half postulates which help in while playing the game. The author presents some of the rules of life. Some of them are known, while many of them are unclear and nebulous for us.

The book basically reveals the facts and ideas in order to live a happy life. The book discussed the varied lives of people who go through multitude of struggles, faced difficulties and sometimes bewildered about certain situations. They contemplate their suspicion and doubts and eventually find what they want from life. I liked the way how author distinctly described about the minute details of life and its fundamentals. The author interpreted the problems in a different way and gives solution to resolve them by giving many instances in book. Through composure, activeness, spontaneity, intuitiveness and optimism one can attain liberation!The book teaches numerous things which eventually guides to a lead joyful & carefree life.

I felt that this book was an eye opener for me. The book is like a guide which ushers you to a sense of insight knowledge. The author’s way of explaining about endurance and awareness of ourselves is exceptional which also shows author’s in deep knowledge & understanding. One can certainly relate him/her to the examples taken in the story. The language used is simple but yet effective. I like the way how author offers no prescriptions and instructions but permit us to recognize our true self, our paths and view new hopes and possibilities in life.

According to me,the book conveys a simple message to the readers:

“Life is a beautiful struggle. But that struggles makes you stronger, the chances makes you wise and happiness has its own way of taking its sweet time. Life is a beautiful ride. Enjoy all the wonders life has to offer. It’s great to be alive!”

Rating- 3.9/5

Reviewer- Shivani Chauhan

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