Review of The Flight of Hilsa

Title : Flight of Hilsa


Author : Amit Shankar




Blurb : What is happiness? A by-product of success or a state of mind? Flight of Hilsa explores and demystifies the same while tracing the story of Avantika Sengupta. As a creative soul – restless and opinionated- life to her has been unkind, even in her chosen career, painting. A chanced encounter with the boat owner ; some twenty years her senior, changes everything. With a new fond ‘success mantra’ and the ‘boat guy’ by her side, she starts striding towards her long-cherished notion of happiness-of being rich and famous painter. But will the Hilsa discover her true calling and happiness? A gripping tale till the end.


My view : You might heard of choosing your interest as a career is the best option to collect the creeper of progress in your success garden. To do what you love will drive you to the path of success as interest and love for your work is necessary to detangle the knots of your success rope. But what if even after trying hard at your work you are unable to locate the success and achievements? The story is portrayed to answer this question and is based on the theme of acquiring success and erasing the tints of failure.



After reading the title, the very first question which might strike the reader’s mind is that ‘What is the meaning of Hilsa?’ But as soon as the reader starts the reading journey, the answer of the question will travel the reader’s mind which is mentioned with a clear understanding in the beginning. The title “Flight of Hilsa “chosen by the author is perfectly suited to the story and relates to the story when the story takes over all the chapters to reach its end. By the end reader will understand that the word ‘Hilsa’ is used to address the protagonist. The cover of the book is again a confusing cover likewise the title. The story doesn’t contain any fish but the fish in water on the cover of the book is depicting something about the story which is unclouded when the story becomes crystal clear at the edges of reader’s mind.



The story is about the journey of Avantika tracing out the curves of her professional as well as personal life.She faces so many ups and downs regarding her career and her love life. Her life takes a new turn when she met with a Captain. After which she understands all the doubts and qualms related to her life which oozes in her mind. The end will clear all the shades of the story when the reader will read the letter written by Captain along with Avantika. The best part of the story is letter of the captain which is filled with love, hope and teachings. The last words of the letter leaves reader with such emotions and sentiments,that the letter acts as the elixir of the story.


The story is divided into chapters, and each chapter starts with a new episode and at the end it is very finely connected to the former one. I found some of the chapters lighting a new spark of confusion which may fire a question in reader’s mind, but the connectivity of the chapters at the end will clear all the doubts and questions.



The writing style of the author is moderate in nature, but is firm enough to sail smoothly. The narration of the story weakens at times making its flow unsmooth. Although the articulations of the sentences are very much impressive and catchy that it will nudge reader’s mind to trace out the fragrance of the buds which are about to bloom in the story.


A story emblazons with  balls of love, friendship and faith which rolls around protagonist’s life.


Ratings : 4/5


Reviewer : Megha Biloniya

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