Review of The Free Mind

Author- Edward De Bono


‘The more options you have,the more free your choice,even if you still apply the same values.’

This is a pretty true statement. Sometimes we get many options to choose from and sometimes we have only few.

This book deals on the very same thing. It deals with the different topic in its own perspective related to free mind and choice making.

For the first time, I’m reading such book dealing on the topic ‘choice’ you made, titled as ‘The Free Mind’ written by Edward De Bono,an international bestselling author.

His philosphies seems true to me. He put emphasis on to be free from coercion which is not just enough. Humorous examples are presented in this book to feed your mind in the proper direction. He had very well defined in brief this things in this book quoting wonderful examples- Perception,protest,design,movement,attention.

A lovely book it is which could be easily readable in a single sit. And it was grabbing me in its arms until it ended ,once I started reading it.

Now,I think it was my free choice rather I call it a good choice to read this book.

At every next moments we make a choice but is it free or forced? Well,if you really don’t know and want to know its worth to go through it.


Reviewed by Shweta Kesari

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