Review of The lost Journal

Author- June Thomas

Sherlock Holmes Series

Sherlock Holmes, ‘The secret Journals’ by June Thomas holds seven different stories of mystery and suspense which were unpublished on accounts of adventures.So,the name follows ‘The secret Journals’.

All the seven stories are stitched with suspense,mystery,well potrayed characters,feather reading where some are splendidly written and some counted in the list of good mystery tales.Asusual,the hero Sherlock Holmes works very elegantly and humorously throughout the case solving time to solve the cases uniquely and in his own aesthetic way.

At some places, I felt the charm of Arthur Conan Doyle created in his sherlock Holmes series is missing.His books are really classy and he is the King of Sherlock Holmes series.Though June Thomas has also given a good try and I wish to read further books from her which are more dipped in suspense.

If you are really a fan of Sherlock Holmes and mystery flavoured story then you will enjoy reading this book.

Rating- 3.9/5

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