Review of The Old Man and the Nymph

Title : The Old Man and the Nymph

Author : Vipin Behari Goyal


What happens when you are offering a treat that serves flavours.”The Old Man and the Nymph”,does serves reader with something different in plot and is based on the idea of Greek Mythology.The story revolves around four Nymphs encorporating sequence of imaginative episodes.

As the back cover says ‘ Four Nymphs incarnated as four beautiful nubile girls who are full of passion, enter the life of the old man, Colonel. They love to laugh, dance and find it extraordinarily funny to break the rules of the mortal society. The old man tries to entice each one of them to satisfy his carnal desires. One of them escapes the Colonel and disappears into the underworld. What happens when the rest of the three meet the Colonel under the same roof? Who would escape and who would surrender? A strange story of Nymphs of Greek Mythology set in India…’

The title and the cover picture seems unique and can easily gather attention of those readers who seeks for something different to read,a different flavour to taste.The blurb very precisely showcases the glimpse of story.

The story starts on a simple note.One couldn’t imagine the upcoming epispdes of the story,it precisely moves on a different track.Episodes of lust are more to see,or you can have it any other facet of the story.More interesting events could be gathered and amalgamated in the story in order to make it more fruitful and entertaining.

My expectations from the book was quite high,after going through the blurb.To some extent my expectations from the book didn’t reach the height it should.The theme chosen by the author is very unique and alluring,but according to me, it could be implemented in a different and more approaching way.

I felt that the story is drifted from its place at some places,like when one of the protagonist went to hospital to meet his father, he narrated his wandering thoughts which I consider not related to the story.Although they send across good messages.

A very simple writing fashion has been used by the author.Even a novice reader could go through it easily.A basic style of articulation of sentences has been adopted.Monologues and conversations are moderate in nature.

If you are solely searching for some different theme along with a light read,you can go on with this book.

Rating : 3/5

Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

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