Review of The Orange Hangover

Author- Rahul Saini


‘The Orange Hangover’ by Rahul Saini is a book which deals with job problem,society problem and rolled up with a love story along with a suspense.Author Rahul Saini,through this book tried to mingle these four flavors but couldn’t portrayed a single thing as required.

As the back cover says-
-Cool lifestyle
– Dinner with friends
– First Day First Show (s)
– Good Paying Job
– Good Girlfriend

– Cool Lifestyle (cross)
-Dinner with Friends+ Best Restaurants (cross)
– First day First Show (s) (cross)
– Good Paying Job (cross)
-Good Girlfriend has gone bad
-Girl who understands me (Only me)
-Tangled in a case of extreme crime

The Orange Hangover
-Will he be able to follow his heart and stick to his values and ambitions?

-Will he ever be able to win the girl he likes?

  • Will the terrible case of extreme crime ever be solved?

The way cover has designed seems attractive and so the title was grabbing my attention. Starting is good and author’s good writing skill made me to turn its page.But as I was getting closer to the end I was expecting for an end,obviously!Alas,there is no end to this story.I felt that the story left-out in between.I felt like author wanted to say a lot but couldn’t actually able to.This book somehow wants to give message to its readers but couldn’t succeed in that very aspect.

The plot seems good in the beginning;what requires it is a good ending.This story is like any other story.I guess author wanted to come up with something different but he couldn’t. His writing style is good,the only thing author needs to work on is a good plot.At the starting and the middle, I enjoyed reading this book,some good scenes,apt dialogue delivery added some charm to this book.

Things I like about this book are-good dialogues,at some places story gets interesting and funny due to humorous monologues used.A light reading book it is;the only loophole it has is-no sensible end.


Reviewed by Shweta Kesari

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