Review of The Priceless Gift

Title: The Priceless Gift

Author: Hemalatha Gnanasekar


the priceless gift









Blurb: The Priceless Gift deals with the problem of sexual abuse at the workplace. But the irony is that most of the victims bear the wrongdoings silently. As a result, they find themselves unable to develop healthy relationships for fear of trusting anyone. Filled with depression, they ultimately turn out to be loners. Yet there are quite a few who stop dwelling on their bitter past and come to terms with their life. Priya is one such character. She is sexually exploited at her workplace and gets pregnant. Unable to bear the shock, her mother passes away with a heart attack. She is devastated but she does not lose courage and decides to move on. The novel narrates how she gives birth to her son and brings up him comfortably. But life brings her again face to face with the man who had ruined her life. Now, Vijay is a devastated man having lost his family in the Tsunami. He pleads with her to forgive him but Priya is not willing to even see his face. However, one fine day, he comes to see her with a priceless gift. Does this gift change Priya\\’s mind?

Rating: Hemalatha’s stories are carved from life’s episodes. Her words possess the power to let readers feel comfortable in the journey.While she tries to narrate the story as precisely as possible, so as not to bore the reader with inappropriate details, she also maintains the charm of the story at the same time.The reader can get connected to the story very easily.With less number of characters in the story, it becomes a cakewalk to walk with them on the journey.

The connectivity of the events is done in a good manner.The linking of events is done in such a manner that reader could easily flow with the story without any hurdle. The nature of events is such that they could easily let the reader feel the warmth of the story.Authoress narrates what readers want to know about the story. Although through preface she has given a clear view to the plot, the end is what readers want to know towards the journey.Even after knowing what would unfold next, there was a force to read the chapters in a go.

She pours emotions of the protagonist with ease which results in building a healthy relationship with the reader.Her stories are short but worth your time.She basically focuses on turmoil one faces in the journey of life and presents them in an exquisitely simple manner so that any reader could feel the emotions attached to the story. Although, the story-line may not impress you completely, with the way she progresses ahead with the story may impress you as simplicity is what each of her words carries.


A light, good and a quick read!


Rating: 3.9/5

Reviewer: Shweta Kesari


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