Review of The Prisoner of Zenda

Title : The Prisoner of Zenda

Author : Anthony Hope


Children always get fascinated when they are about to listen or read classical stories.The Prisoner Of Zenda, is one such story children would love to read and reach to a new world of Kingdoms and the fight for the Kingdom.A story sprinkled with conspiracy,love, attraction,suspense and chivalry.

As the blurb of the book goes : ‘ Anthony Hope’s swash buckling romance transports his English gentleman hero, Rudolf Rassendyll, from a comfortable life in London tofast-moving adventures in Ruritania, a mythicall and steeped in political intrigue. Rassendyll bears a striking resemblance to Rudolf Elphberg who is about to be crowned King of Ruritania.When the rival to the throne, Black Michael ofStrelsau, attempts to seize power by imprisoningElphberg in the Castle of Zenda, Rassendyll isobliged to impersonate the King to uphold therightful sovereignty and ensure political stability.Rassendyll endures a trial of strength in his encounters with the notorious Rupert of Hentzau,and a test of a different sort as he grows to love the Princess Flavia. Five times filmed, ThePrisoner of Zenda has been deservedly popularas a classic of romance and adventure since itspublication in 1894’ (taken from Goodreads).

The book welcomes you with a family gossip that pricked the protagonist to do some worth in life after being entitled as ‘worthless’ by his sister-in-law.From there on, series of events will entertain you and keep you tucked to it, as every chapter leaves a suspense at the end of it.The way events has been amalgamated is praise- worthy.They move in a flow and accelerates with a constant pace.The story is interwoven with precise descriptions and suspense,hand in hand.It paces with a great speed and the protagonist makes narration even more simpler.

This is the first time I’m reading book of Anthony Hope, but I’m impressed by his narrating fashion and witty presentation of the story.At every next page, you would find a new facet of the story with a new picture.Picture does a good work in such placid description style, so that having a view at pictures, you can yourself imagine and feel the ambience and atmosphere.Author very-well knows how children would get attracted to the book, and he has worked on the book in the same manner.

About the writing style,I liked it very much, as I found it different and classy.Such books undoubtedly helps in increasing children’s vocabulary that too with an interesting story.The storyline is likeable and is presented well according to reader’s interest.Also,implementation of the story is done in a very- well manner.Precise and point-to-point description make it even more powerful as children like to have just an outline.

For the children aged 8 to 15 who loves to read short mystery and suspense-full tale, can go through this book.Join this bumpy-ride and discover who becomes the The Prisoner Of Zenda.

Rating: 4/5

Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

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