Review of The Rebel

Title :The Rebel

Author : Osho

Saint Osho in his book ‘The Rebel’, purposefully brings a light to generate fire within the readers.He has his own different perceptions that he laid down in this book conclusively.After reading this book, one may notice his changing perception over different things in his/her life.

As the back cover says : ‘ Here are words like fire from a truly rebellious man. Here is a book for TODAY, a much-needed declaration that for humans, there is hope, there is a way forward!

“Awake and claim your birthright. Religion is not anybody’s monopoly, it is everybody’s birthright.
It has no name, no church, no organization. It is a sheer rebellion against all churches, all
organizations, all scriptures. It is meeting existence directly and immediately, in innocence, in gratitude, in love, in a deep communion. This is the prayer I would like to spread… Because this is the only prayer that can save it.”
— Osho

Osho offers a revolutionary approach to the eternal quest that mankind carries within. As he says: “Life has intrinsic value, there is no goal outside it. Hence my whole effort is to change everything into playfulness. To me that is real spirituality.’

The book starts giving a broader light on the meaning of Rebelliousness and how does it differ from a revolutionary.From there on,it paces up portraying different topic like – Meditation and says that it is beyond the Capacity of mind, Enlightenment, Uttey Innocent Rebel,Being a foreigner in one’s own country, everybody is born a rebel, Jesus is not a Christian,about Buddha, No more ready-made Gods, society’s justice is revenge,Vipassana, tommorow never comes,Morality,Awareness,Marriage,Awakening,Mind,Stars,Aristotle and His fallacy and many more such topics that help you to see a broader prospect of life and things that you need to understand.

It’s rare to have the same ideologies and thoughts saints like Osho have.So,in purpose to make readers better understand his thoughts and ideologies He focusses brighter light on the topic and presents them in a lucid manner that too with relative examples.Quoting the examples of life of many saints,Saint Osho presents his thoughts in a relative and cogent manner.I liked his straightforward approach in order to link his thought process with the readers’.

This book feed your soul a filtered and cogent recipe to make you better see and understand your surroundings and the minute-minute things that plays vital role in your life.Though this book basically focusses on making you understand the shadow of rebel, but it eventually focusses on many such events on other’s life as an example that are helpful to understand many minute-minute things.

If you’ve already read saint Osho’s book before, you may very well know how effectively it does work parallely with your brain.But,if you are a newbie, I would like to recommend you this book and observe how impactful it is.Undoubtedly,you will get to know and learn many things from this book.

Rating : 5/5

Reviewer :Shweta Kesari

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