Review of Rhythm of Love


Title : Rhythm of Love

Author : Rahul Prasad Kanu

“Rhythm of Love” by Rahul Prasad Kanu is a story of love, determination and friendship portrayed in an efficient way.This is the story revealing ups and downs of exemplar’s life (namely Dorji) and how the way he again climbed the stairs with the support of his loved ones when the ball was not in his court.

As the back cover says ‘ Everyone has a heart, an organ which pumps blood. For more heads, it beats 72 times a minute but for a very few, it beats, beats and beats, the count becomes meaningless the moment you feel the ‘Rhythm is not yours’. You are mesmerized!!! And when I say you cannot die at will. I mean it. God decides your day. Dorji is in love with Angel. Destiny writes their fate to meet in college. Dorji is ready to take his chances but when chances are for glances, you deserve to be in trouble. This is the story of Dorji- a warrior. This is his journey of falling in love and adoring love intricately entwining college, friendship, drugs and passion for love. Will Dorji succeed in his quest for Angel? Can honest endeavor unfold the path to glory and the difference between loving and being loved? Will his dream meet his desires? This is the story from ‘The Land of Thunder Dragons’ Bhutan. The chase of Dorji is on, Lub Dub, Lub Dub!!!’

In the very beginning of the story, author has created the suspense, the very suspense of Dorji’s life.That suspense made me to ponder what would be the story about.Guessing from the title of the story, I was pretty sure that it would be a love story but the way story initiated I became perplexed.But as the story paced up and I kept on turning the pages, everything falls in place and I was drowned in the world of Dorji.

The narration was in a constant flow. A very simple writing fashion has been adopted by the author, thought it was quite common but easy to go with.Characterization was also good.I could feel the emotions of the character to some extent and I could also picturize the scenes.

In the middle of the story, I got vibes that the story is just an another love story and I wouldn’t get anything new to grasp from it.But I was wrong.Author has added some spicy flavors to the story and hence the storyline falls in the context of a good one.

All throught ,I enjoyed reading the book and I completed it in a single sit.In a simple story, author has amalgamated many facets in order to not to make it outdated, and he has been succeeded in doing so.You will find some suspense waiting for you while reading the book, albeit they will be quite predictable(they were for me) , but author has presented them in a nice manner and that won’t let you down. Almost everything in the book is well-maintained and it gently serves the reader the meaning and essence of true love with some good lessons to learn.

If the articulation of the sentences or editing could have been a level up, this book would surely gain more points from my side.

For me, it was a light-read pack.I enjoyed with the characters and the author has done a good job being a debutant. A novice reader could go comfortably through this book.Also, the one who loves to read blend of romance, friendship and emotions go for it.

Rating: 3.8/5

Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

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