Review of The Sinister Silence

Title : The Sinister Silence


Author : Moitrayee Bhaduri




Blurb : When ace software engineer Saahil is found battling for his life on a rainy morning, it looks like a case of attempted suicide. However, Saahil’s family strongly denies that possibility and calls in ex-super cop-turned-detective Mili Ray to investigate – The Sinister Silence


While doctors are uncertain about Saahil’s survival, the police discover the blood-soaked body of Saahil’s colleague Farzad.


 Why are IT engineers being targeted? Is there a link between these ghastly attacks and Saahil’s cutting-edge invention – the PA software? 

Ray and her team – Advocate Gatha and ex-army officer Anubhav – dive into this case, which is turning murkier by the hour. Unaware that a conniving assassin is stalking her, Ray races towards a dangerous trap while murderous attacks continue to haunt the IT world.


Who is behind these assaults – a jealous co-worker, an IT kingpin, an estranged friend, or someone else? With the killer on the loose, Ray’s credibility is at stake…

Set in Mumbai, The Sinister Silence is an edge-of-the-seat thriller that traces detective Mili Ray’s journey through a mysterious case that poses new threats every time she inches closer to her goal.


My View : The moment I started reading The Sinister Silence, I was so hooked to it that it was quite hard to take a break. The chapters, the suspense and the spice this story holds made it hard for a reader to disengage himself/herself from it. As I progressed ahead to discover the events it has in store for readers, I got more inquisitive to discover the upcoming ones. All the incidents are tied in a single thread and they chose a single track to travel on.



There is no way one could read author’s mind and what the book will tell ahead. The mystery is knitted very-well and it grabs reader’s attention over and over again. Every facet of the story is portrayed with great intense. Spruced up with humour and well-structured content it never diverts reader’s mind to something else, instead forces it to think like author and breaks the suspense before the detective does.


Every chapter brings out new and hidden facets of the story and every incident itches your mind to calculate and find out who would be the culprit? One moment your mind directs towards ‘someone’ and other moment ‘someone else’.It plays such a game with you that it creates a maze in your mind making it hard for you to guess as the ball is in which court.


Author’s style of narration is flawless. Once you start reading, you wouldn’t feel participation of any hindrance in the journey. Her writing style provides a soothing effect to reader’s mind and very cleverly claims right over reader’s mind. To not to complicate the journey, she has adopted a very simple writing style, very-well articulated sentences, and use of simple words eases the journey to a great extent without compromising with the quality of the content.


It’s difficult to find potholes from such a book which takes you to a different world or engage you throughout. The only loophole I found in the book is misplaced words at a place or two, which only acts as a hindrance when read very keenly.


A page-turner and an interesting suspense-thriller!


I would like to go through more of Moitrayee’s writings. I wish her good luck for her next projects.


Rating : 4.3


Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

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