Review of The Stolen Heart

Title : The Stolen Heart


Author : Piyush Mandal


the stolen heart - collection of poems in PIYUSH








My View: ‘The Stolen Heart’ is a collection of sixty poems by the debut poet – Piyush Mandal. In his debut book, most of his poems can be found under the umbrella of love, where one can see shades of remembrance, resemblance and many more shades a lover’s heart poured with. Along with some dips of love, one could get poems on a legend’s life, an aging life, and some more. All in all, this book speaks of a chance to experience the wonderful moments under the open sky.




Some of his poems peels off the layers of life’s mysterious while most of them dances on the tunes of a lover’s melodies. Poems from his boats are so beautifully framed that one would starve to read them again and again, and glorify the meaningful verses by touching their root and feel their rhythm.



As you start the journey, you would be amazed to find how poet tore the fragments of life and through the feathers of love sculpts such beautiful verses. Through his debut book, poet impresses reader by serving delighting verses . As his verses are rich in simplicity, they can easily make space in reader’s heart.



His verses loop in and then loop out , and when readers swirl around it poet makes sure that the reader will feel delightful when the verse ends. His words encircle reader in the maze he creates with his words and intermittently soothes reader’s heart. When some of the pieces of his verses sing melodious to the ears, there comes time, when they dance on a particular rhythm and swept out of the tuning, but then he again gathers the rhythm ending the verse on a smooth and euphoric node.



Lovely collection of poems, puissant and comely!



Rating : 4.7/5


Reviewer : Shweta Kesari