Review of ‘The story of Facebook’

Author- Sara Gilbert


Who dont use facebook today? I think almost everyone is using facebook today but very few know the story of facebook. Well if we love to spend time with something then it is compatible to know about it.

So,here it is,’The Story of Facebook’ by Sara Gilbert.It is the tiny book giving you the knowledge of the journey of facebook, having time to time pictures to hold you in that environment.

I would recommend this book to software engineers to once go through this book and business men too to learn few lessons Mark Zuckerberg how after getting critized he never let his hope down and kept putting positive steps ahead. If he had not did this I think life would be somewhat boring,right?

In today’s world where everyone is active on facebook I think it is required to know about how it came. That’s why I chose this book to read. Being a student of software engineer ,I thought it would be helpful for me to have knowledge about facebook.

A good work done by Sara Gilbert. She has used simple words and not very boring illustrations which don’t let you to keep the book down. She narrated in few pages the story of facebook including some pictures and of every age of facebook user can go through it.

A pretty little book,which one would enjoy in reading if he/she is really interested to know about facebook.


Reviewed by Shweta Kesari

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