Review of The Unwanted Shadow

Title : The Unwanted Shadow


Author : Bhaskaryya Deka




Blurb : 


Mohan, a small town boy, is nothing but hopeful when he moves to Delhi to complete his education. After all, this is what he had always planned to do, to take a leap towards his big dreams. And for once he finds his new life to be absolutely lovely, like he has often pictured it would be.


But this good phase doesn’t last long. His life is soon shattered to pieces when his first relationship meets a tragic end. A sadness like he had never known before overwhelms him, keeping him wide awake at nights. But it is just the beginning, beginning to a terrible chain of events that would lead him to a deadly confrontation with his own dark past.


Will Mohan be able to overcome this darkness? Will he ever get solace? Or will his innocence be lost in the intense colour of blood?


My View : 


External elements : The cover design of the book is simple but it compliments the title very-well.The title seems catchy which initially didn’t hint much about the story, but after going through the book,you would find it apt for the story,it indirectly titles the protagonist’s life.


Internal elements : 

Author’s imaginations coiled up to prepare a copacetic story-line.In the beginning, it seems like any other story,an ordinary story-line,but the moment it reaches the halfway,thrill and excitement is what it served to the  reader.Series of incidents author has presented before reader where all of them prove their worth and validness.It was not at all predictable that it would take a turn like that.The ups and downs,and the curves of the life’s of the protagonist’s is told in such a manner that it captivates reader’s attention throughout.



His narration style is simple and good enough to comprehend properly what he wants to convey to his readers.The suspense and excitement it holds for readers supports in providing an effective end to the story.The connectivity and the relationship that authored has knitted between the protagonist and the reader is laudable.His words doesn’t roam  around aimlessly neither did his thoughts, the story paces on the single, and in the constant speed.



I found the end very enthralling,it has so many in store for reader that readers won’t expect this much from the way it proceeds in the beginning.Suspense of the book is very well hidden from readers,it was not at all expected,that the story would turn like this,surprising readers and winning their heart.The sudden twist that the second half of the story took, is what I call backbone of the story.Initially, that felt a little weird,I thought it has lost track,but later on the events I discovered amazed me.


Author’s debut book definitely invites many readers,and I’m sure his writings would do wonder in future.Impressed by his skills and the way he plays with words.



Mellow, Compelling and puissant.Highly recommended!



Rating : 4.45/5



Reviewer : Shweta Kesari 

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