Review of Those were the days

Title : Those Were the Days

Author : N.S Ravi


‘Those Were the Days’, a reminder or a mirror which reflects the shadow of India which has left behind by the time.The book traces facets of protagonist’s life where he has juxtaposed the present condition of India to that of the past, including all the developments and improvements it has come across through, from vehicles,entertainment sources,games and sports to transportation,academics etc. in the form of a story.

As the blurb of the book goes : “I get frustrated when I hear my own people criticizing India.

I feel sad when I realize that more than half of the Indian population is unaware of what we have achieved in the recent past.

It is unfortunate that we seniors along with the government have jointly failed to make our younger generation know how great the country is. We teach them about Ramayana, Mahabharata and few selected leaders during the Independence movement. We name all our new schemes after one or two leaders as if they were the only ones who did everything.

India is more than just a few leaders. India has been a movement which assimilates everything which comes into contact with it and it is people who live here who make it happen.

The last fifty years have seen tumultuous changes world over. These have had vibrations in India as well.

Let us re-live these years.”

It unfolds the different facets of India by presenting his definition about the growth and change India is cuddling.Author has covered many such incidents and historical and proud moments which can make reader feel proud for India.Being an Indian, one should be well aware of the success stories of India, the footsteps it has made, which are to be followed till time immortal.Making Indians realize the seeds of hard work that has been sown years ago, and learn from that, seems to be the motto of the author.

He explains each of the section very candidly.His deep insight into each facet and the amount of hard work he has put in this book is clearly visible through the quality of the content book en-wraps.Focusing on the slightest information he could provide about the change, he fills reader’s mind with enough knowledge as how the wheel of enhancement gets revolved and reached to a new destination.In this book, author has answered many questions from the history of development.Ranging from various developments,author provides a clear-cut idea of the growth we are achieving.

To add more sugar to the book, a matured writing style is wrapped around the rich content.Narrating fashion is somber in presentation and flawlessly sails through the reader’s mind.Festooning his thoughts with simple words, he tries to reach to many readers.Without a shadow of doubt, the theme of the book is unique and so is the content it holds.Such books are rarely found in market, nowadays, where three external elements,title,cover and blurb, very cleverly speaks of the content of the book.

For those who love history and wishes to know about the growth and development cycle of India, this is the book authored for you.

Rating : 4.5/5

Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

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