Review of Time’s Lost Atlas


Title : Time’s Lost Atlas

Compiled by : Harsh Agarwal

The creative design suited to the title approached me at first.The blurb at the back cover very precisely and eloquently gives the hint of what you are going to have in the reading journey.

As the back cover says ‘ Ready to travel to Pakistan,London,Nepal, China, New York,India,in one single book?

With 11 stories encompassing 11 major events of the last decade,this anthology is a concoction of tragedy,romance,mystery and thriller,brewed to perfection to ensure a nail biting experience.

Reminisce and relish the events which shook the world.Breathe the freshness of past, dive into the reasons that shaped the world as it is now,walk through your bygone times,fly across the continents marking your longest journey ever-for you hold the Times’s Lost Atlas in your hand.

Beneath by Budhaditya Bhattacharjee

The book inaugarates with a mysterious and suspenseful story good enough to charge me up.The beginning is very interesting and mysterious and it held my hand until I unveiled the supsense it holds.The end of the story is quite unexpected and I thoroughly enjoyed reading the story.A good story to start with.A good job by the author.

The Motown Conspiracy by Sakshi Shrivastava

The start of the story is bit low and there drifted my attention to some extent.But the good thing is story comes to its level after 3-4 initial pages.The story unravels the face of those people who are helping terrorists.The story also gives a message to be aware and to get complete information when you are about to enter in a new firm or going to indulge with someone you don’t know for good time.

The One and Only Purpose

More description of emotions and less number of events and I found it undemanding.Albeit the authoress owns a nice writing fashion that acts as the backbone of the story.Unlike other stories I was not completely engaged to the story.Albeit I like the theme.

In the Dark by Pooja Wanpal

The way authoress has presented the story is praiseworthy.Of all the time it was keeping my interest alive.The way authoress has described every event and protagonist’s emotions and thoughts created a perfect ambience and I could easily visualize every single facet of the story.Also, she has chosen a great incident to write on.

The Rising by Malavika Roy

The authoress has framed the story very-well.Each of the facets of the story is interesting and is blended nicely.Theme is good along with the storyline and authoress has presented it in a friendly manner.She has narrated the short story in a pleasing way maintaining its charm.A beautiful story with a wonderful end.

The Flich

The story is a juxtapose of past and present events of Samuel Frederick’s life, the exemplar who got cheated in the name of love.The poignant description of the events and feelings of the protagonist made it easy to go with the story and it added charm to the story.The authoress very well knows how to present a short story in an appealing manner in order to make it interesting and engaging and how to do justice with the story. In order to unveil the suspense the story holds my hands from the very beginning,and I was completely hooked to the story.

A symphony of Concurrences by Vishal Bagaria

Like the previous story this story also juxtaposes past and present events,although both are way different from each other and holds their own flavour. The story is a bit elongated than other stories present in the book.Well,that helps to create a nice ambience needed to make the story more lively and interesting.Events are well arranged and narrated elegantly that made me hooked to it till the end. A well-knitted story sprinkled with suspense,infatuation,terrorism,fear,suspection and crime.A very engaging story.

Pangs of Pain by Shruti Jain

What would you do if at any stage of life you got only single option to save any one of your children? No answer and perplexed,right?And how would you feel if you are to be blamed of killing one of your child?Helplessness could make you do so.
This story revolves around a drastic event a family faced.The story is about a very difficult decision a father made in order to save his daughter and let go off his son.This story made me go emotional and I couldn’t stop myself from shedding tears for this heart-touching story.I just simply love this story.

United we fall by Anurag Anand

After an emotionally drenched story,there came a story of full of intelligent minds.Not revealing much about the story as it would clearly give you the hint to identify the story.I ask you to read it yourself and discover.Author has done very good research on the story he has chosen.He has described everything very well and narrated the story in a friendly manner.The events and the feelings,the environment many of us haven’t experienced in reality and are unaware of the events taking place there.Through this story author has unleashed some facets and that too efficiently and it also shares the message of ‘unity’.This story made me experience a new feeling.

Innocents at War by Adwitiya Borah

This story showcases the fear of innocent becoming victims of death caused due to the fight between Hindu and Muslim.There fear that death can knock anytime at their doorsteps.Many people are being killed in the name of religion even though they are at no fault.A wonderful theme chosen by the author and every person should know this evil truth and feel the pain the victims have been through reading this nicely portrayed story.The story shares the message of humanity and brotherhood.

The Victims by Vishnu Vardhanan

The author broadcasts the feelings of the protagonists very-well.As mentioned in his bio,he communicates with his writing being a natural introvert and he communicates so well.The story is of a Post Traumatic Stress Disorder’s suffered guy called Abhinav.The author unleashes the facets of story humourously making me hooked to the story till the end.A very good effort by the author.

All the stories are graciously presented and all the authors owns a very nice writing fashion.The book served eleven recipes on a single plate baked with different events,sprinkled and garnished with numerous feelings.

For a girl like me who doesn’t have zilch of knowledge of current affairs,this book acts as a bliss.Not only I enjoyed reading the stories but also I’ve fed my mind with such much-needed-to know-events of the history.

There are no such downfalls I could locate.Where some stories are very good others are good.But,all in all a good book to go with.

I also appreciate Harsh for bringing this out of the box theme before readers and selecting beautiful stories for this book.A very good work by all the authors who are a part of this book and wishing all of them very good luck for their future ventures.

Rating : 4.8/5

Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

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