Review of Untitled

Title : Untitled: A bit like you, a bit like me, a lot like us


Author : Atul Deepak Tawade




Blurb : ‘Untitled’ is a story about a few people who start off as strangers to each other. They come together in the prime period of their life. Each one of them is a thread. In course of time, these threads are woven together to form a fabric and the memories they create as ‘the gang’ is the imprint on the fabric.


Through them the story of a generation unfolds. It is a tale narrating the enthusiasm of growing up, excitement of discovering oneself, exploring the different facets of youth and experiencing the world at large.


Each one of them comes from a specific origin, meets others like them, and then in unison, travel to their destination.


It is an ordinary story, about ordinary people, told in an extraordinary way.



My View : Three stories running in parallel, the only doubt I had while I was in the initial phase of the story is that I wouldn’t end up mixing up the three of them.But the collision seems to happen in the first chapter only.As chapter second comes in to greet readers, it would serve reader with the known trails of college life followed by the incidents which doesn’t excite readers in the journey.



While reading this book, a one-liner that struck my mind is- ‘Difficult to travel are those paths which are less traveled‘.The one thing I so wanted to ask the author while covering the journey is- What author wants to tell the reader? In the blurb itself, he speaks about his book –‘It is an ordinary story, about ordinary people, told in an extraordinary way.’ can author please explain what author mean by extraordinary here.There is not a single place, where I could sense that something extraordinary is being offered to readers.



As author himself says that it is an ordinary story ,about ordinary people, which could be told in an extraordinary way.It is not always necessary that story needs to be extraordinary and out-of-the-box what matters most is the way author approaches towards readers, the way he uses his words as a sword to strike different chords of reader’s heart.In this book, author has chosen a way ordinary style to let his words heard by people.If he would’ve been through some good books where extraordinary way is used to portray thoughts, then he would’ve known what extraordinary could mean in literature.



As the book got published in 2015, by the time many books had already hit the market with the same concept.Now comes the question, why author has chosen the same concept, if there is nothing new to tell.



When author was pushing his strength to write this full-fledged novel ,I wish author could have done research on what reader expect from authors these days?What kind of stories excite readers? If the plot chosen by the author is already available in the market or not?If available then how could he make his book doesn’t stand among the crowd.



I really appreciate your efforts as a writer in this book, but it is hard as well as necessary to gulp that its not that easy to survive in the literary field where there are so many writers racing in the same field with you.I wish you all the very best for your future projects.



Rating :  1.5/5 (For his Efforts)




Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

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