Review of Voices of the Silent Creek

Title : Voices of the Silent Creek


Author : Vikkas Arun Pareek




Blurb :

Shanti is married in a prominent family but her life will never be the same for a life thrusted on her for honour of the family. She accepts her life but will she let the same fate unfold for her younger sister?


Bhano discovers the horrors of her sister’s life. Will she be able bring justice to her sister’s life and her sacrifices?


Arti finds herself strangled with choices. Will she risk her life and her family’s life to help Bhano get justice or leave her helpless?


The story of set in rural India takes us through unimaginable yet common atrocities which a woman faces in today’s society. Will they fail to survive? Will they emerge stronger battling the troubles?



My View : 


Amidst so many books arriving in the market everyday,book with a different story is hard to find.Introduced with some little twists and turns,the same themes keep on repeating,and authors serve the same dish to the reader over and over again.These days you would find many books based on women empowerment theme,portraying her pain and the odds she has been through where her sanity being exposed.



‘Voices of the Silent Creek ‘ debut book of Vikkas Arun Pareek ,is one such attempt where author wants to reach many heart through the story of  Shanti.Let’s see what different and interesting author has in store for his readers.



The ambience of the village created by the author started to absorb reader’s attention from the beginning to the end.The minute description and actions of the characters are defined in such a manner that reader can very easily feel the essence of village.Call it his experience or research, the story seems cordial by the way it has been presented before readers.His writing style is uncomplicated and straightforward, and that very thing makes the journey even more light.



The story travels on a single track, it,not for a single moment, losses its track, and that’s why author has managed to make it fast-pacing.The story is crafted with adroitness. Irrelevant or uninvited doesn’t participate in the story, instead each of the part plays their  role quite well in order to complete the story and to make a lasting effect on reader’s mind.He makes the narration in such a way that it provides regularity in the flow.



The theme as already told is common,but given author’s honest attempt towards this book,this book needs to be read, and Shanti’s story need to be heard,stories like these offers us a chance to know the story happening in villages,or may be this is the story happening in the home next to you, or you might be playing the role of a silent spectator. Shanti’s story would make you feel to take a step ahead,and makes you aware about the happenings with people,of which you might not aware of.



Rating : 4/5


Reviewer : Shweta Kesari 

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