Review of What she says What he meant

Title: What She says what he meant

Author : Aamir Khursheed, Richa Sharma


Blurb of the book: After 2 years of school completion when school friends sit for fun, playing, ‘Truth & Dare’, the unexpected happens. The epitome of Friendship and Love could not have taken any other worst path. The friend could never be so ingenious and the lover could never be so heartfelt deeply in love. Still, the crowd hears the story of laughs, love, lust changing into cries and yells. As a Beast of Lust, Vivaan ends up losing his best friends and love. Can Angad, his best friend save the relations?? Hear from a girl, ‘What SHE says?’ about a boy’s life, ‘What HE meant?’

Review:Through the title one could easily guess that the story is about confusion arose between a ‘he’ and a ‘she’.Cover picture is fine and to some extent complimenting well to the title.Blurb is precise and cleverly says what it has in store for the readers.The story starts with a get-together of school friends which reveals the confusion that took place during their school life. From there on it keeps on telling about some events of friendships,love,lust and some more.At some places I felt connected to the story through some relevant events narrated by the author with a mediocre writing style.The plot is good but it could be presented in a better way in order to make readers feel comfortable while going through it.

The story lacks the power to serve something new to the readers,although a good story for the novice and proves to be a light read.The story is coated with a simple writing fashion,a moderate writing style, a novice reader would feel quite comfortable to go with.Starting of the book was good but not magical that could bind readers completely to the book, then after some time it slightly holds readers in its arms and then at the end it again looses its charm.I was expecting end to be more humorous and something that could make readers flow with it.But,altogether it was a nice read, with some ups and downs, some twists and turns in the presence of dark and light and shadow.

Rating: 3.5/5

Reviewer: Shweta Kesari

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