Review of What would apple do?

Author- Dirk Beckman


‘What would apple do?’ by Dirk Beckmann is a book sharing inspirational ideas of giant success of Apple.It tells how you can learn from Apple and make money.It says to focus on what’s really important and leave out the rest.Again a diminutive book came to cherish my day.

Being a computer science student,I’m always keen to gain knowledge about new technologies and so the success story of mother of those technologies.As the back cover says- So what’s the secret?What makes Apple the most innovative company on the planet?
The answer-‘Apple does exactly the opposite of what any other company would do.’
I am highly impressed by this answer.Apple is a reputative company overcoming obstacles to create great new things.

The book involves very simple illustration and written in a simple language.The book is divided into two sections.First section illustrates special mindset of apple and its unique way of doing things.Whereas second section illustrates how Apple methods can be applicable to other industries.

It is a efficacious book for those who want to develop their business in digital market and gets success and earn money from their digital industry.


Reviewed by Shweta Kesari

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