Review of Wisdom of the White Mountain

Title : Wisdom of the White Mountain

Author : Kandathil Sebastian


Stories that dynamically engulfs you are rare to find.”Wisdom of the White Mountain”, by Kandathil Sebastian is the second book in the Mountain trilogy.The story revolves around the protagonist and how and where his fate lend him to an unpredictable world revealing the veneer of hoax and sordid nature of people including filch and deluge of cog.

As the back cover says : ‘ Some powerful men-including performers of black magic, underworld gangsters, sleuths,extremist zealots and sellers of spirituality-chased a powerless, low caste man from a Kerala village through Mumbai, Karachi and Delhi till he finally escaped into the mountain ranges of Himalayas. All of them wanted to capture this man alive and keep him with them! however, none of these men could catch and keep this elusive man, as he always found his way to freedom. In the process of working out his escapes this man also unearthed some important mysteries of human life! why did some powerful men continuously chase a low caste man? How did the man always find his way to freedom? What are the riddles he solved while he was trying to escape from his captors? Wisdom of the white mountain is a suspenseful and adventurous story told in the cultural, spiritual and philosophical context of the South Asia. It is also about Karma, Kama and Jihad! it ultimately unravels greed and selfishness of powerful men who mix religion and politics to manipulate common people for advancing personal interests.’

Natural beauty is always fascinating to me, and the first look at the cover and I again got fascinated seeing the natural beauty on the cover which is complimenting the title of the book.But,it couldn’t fully conveys what the story would be all about.

If I talk about the storyline of the book,I’ve seen these kind of stories to be implementing on the screen,but for the very first time I was reading it,so I thoroughly enjoyed it.The best thing about the storyline I found is- instantaneous and unpredictable twist waiting to greet readers after few episodes.

The narration of the story is done in such a marvellous way that you yourself find your deep interest growing in it.The episodes seems so real that the reader can feel the protagonist and can go well with the author’s mind.Author has his own charming narration fashion that helps in ostentatiously increase the beauty of the book.

Along with a relatable storyline,author has implemented it in a friendly manner.From conversations to various anecdotes,you would find a soothing rhythm engaged to it.

Smooth flow and constant pace being the powerful instruments keeping reader tug to the story.After completely reading the book, you would find how impressively author showcases the graph of protagonist’s life.

The only downfall or the hitch I found in the book is the slow pacing of the story in the beginning.I know author is trying to create a sturdy base,but being a reader I found it a bit stretched.

All in all, I enjoyed reading this book and would like to recommend this book to those readers who would like to have a spicy and healthy treat.

Rating : 4/5

Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

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