Review of Working Out Of The Box

Title : Working out of the Box


Author : Aparna Piramal Raje




Blurb : 

Do you know which business leader plays a game of sudoku every night before going to bed?



Never uses a computer to write important thoughts?


Likes to stand and work?


In working out of the box Aparna Piramal raje gives us an intimate peek into 40 progressive leaders by exploring the connections between their work spaces and their work styles. Capturing quirks, individual styles of working, motivations, and leadership traits, and tracing the patterns exhibited by these leaders, she unravels their defining qualities and explains how it reflects in their work spaces. Divided into four sections- personal energy, organizational capital, brand values, environment and sustainability-based each on an intangible asset, the book gives us an insight into what makes these ceos tick and how they manage their most valuable assets.


My View :  ‘Working Out of the Box: 40 stories of leading CEO’S’ comprises the stories of some corporate giants, telling in which environment he/she climbed the ladder of success.This book is the fine piece of some motivating stories,which inspires you to live at your comfort, in professional as well as personal life, by not following someone’s footsteps,but by creating space for your footsteps at your own comfort level pleasing your heart.



The presentation of the content is way-friendly.With the help of pictures,conversations,graphs, everyone’s point of view comes as very approaching.In the beginning itself, authoress has mentioned as how you  can float with the content of this book.A quick guide has been given as how to use this book and the sections you will going to encounter in the journey ahead.



Authoress has categorized the stories in the four sections keeping in mind as how and what their story is going to serve to readers.What different this book serves from other books available in the market is : Other books basically focus on their biography, their success stories, their graph of success, while this book focuses on the environment, working ambience they like to work in, and how important it is to have a comfortable and friendly ambience to ease off the workload.



This book provides a different experience altogether.This book gives opportunity of peeking into some corporate giant’s workspace.



Rating : 4/5



Reviewer : Shweta Kesari 

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