Review of You Can Read Anyone

Author- David J. Lieberman

‘You Can Read Anyone’: Never be fooled,lied to or taken advantage of again,by David J. Lieberman is a highbrow book which teaches you the game of intellects.This book gives a brief illustration of tactics of truth reading keeping eye on numerous prospects.A book that teaches you how to judge people’s deeds through their expressions,actions and body language.

As the back cover says-‘You Can Read Anyone’ contains specific,proven,and practical psychological techniques that can be applied to any person, in just about any situation.

It shows step-by-step exactly how to tell what someone is thinking and feeling in real-life situations.For example,you will see precisely how to determine whether another poker player will stay in or fold,whether a salesperson is trustworthy,or whether or not a first date is going way or the other way.And when the stakes are high-negotiations,interrogations,questions of abuse,theft, or fraud-learn how to easily detect who is out for you,and who is out to get you(or a loved one) to save yourself time,money,energy,and heartache.’

Wonderful and practical examples given after each technique proves very helpful as how to implement those techniques in life.Some of the techniques seem very new and effective. Through all these techniques we cannot jump to the conclusion.It just gives us an idea, it may or may not be possible! Also,we have to use our intellect to implement and judge people’s mind.These techniques are not applied to all the people as everyone has their own way of doing or hiding things.But author gave these tactics and theory focusing on majority of people and their mindsets and deeds.

Such acts are demonstrated which I’ve never noticed before but when I was reading this book,I was trying to compare the situations and it really worked out.Albeit not all the tactics I could co-relate with but almost all seems realistic and some are yet to test and I’m so eager to use them.

A beautiful and intriguing book to know about our surrounding people to judge them with such smart tactics.A well researched book where intricacies of life can be solved by implementing the tactics demonstrated in the book smartly.Something new to learn, new to grasp , new to feed brain and learn about people’s behaviour in an interesting and intelligent manner.

Rating- 4.7/5

Reviewer: Shweta Kesari

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