Review of S.H.E is my…

Title : S.H.E is my… Author: Mohit Jain Mohit Jain’s first two books basically share his knowledge about management and related topics, but his recent book, S.H.E is my…, a fiction one, definitely brings out a new art of the author. If those books feed knowledge in the mind of management students, this book works … Read more

Review of J.U.I.C.E

Title : J.U.I.C.E Author : Mohit Jain “J.U.I.C.E:Flavors of Management” by Mohit Jain deals with management theories in an impressive manner making reader glued to it and at the end feed readers mind with a clear concept of management,marketing and economics, quoting lucrative examples. As the back cover says ‘We like story books.On thr other … Read more