Review of Rapescars



Author : Gaurav Sharma


Cover photo of Rapescars by Gaurav Sharma


Rape is the case which melts your heart and make you feel lament when you hear the mountain of the pain a girl bears. The girl who has gone through such a trauma will have to face so many complications and botheration in her life. The scratches, lacerations and claw marks are not made only on the body of the victim but also on the soul of the victim which are not healed easily as regular wounds can be healed by applying ointments.


The title of book finely suggests what the book is about i.e. RAPE a sensitive theme which is taken as a fun game by the cruel boys who wants to fulfill their hunger. The cover of the book is depicting the state of a girl who is in trauma and her eyes are narrating the agony which she is holding on.


As the blurb of the book goes: A girl is raped! Her parents insist to report. Police tries to scuttle the case. Her father’s influence works!  Doctor, the fourth man, sees her bare. The defense lawyer encounters with obnoxious questions. As if, she had inveigled the innocent boys. As if, she’s the one accused and her violators are seeking justices against her. She feels and experiences being raped in public again. Her lawyer manages to seek conviction! Akriti wins the case but refuses culprit to have imprisonment.

Why does she do this?

What does she decide then?

Is this the decision of ‘her’ or ‘raped mind’?

RAPESCARS is the voice of a rape survivor who thrives to stand against the violation of her persona.


To trust someone is one thing but to let ourselves bury in that trust is miserable. In the story the protagonist named Akriti trust her beloved and what she gets in return is a bouquet full of sorrow, pain, upheaval, injury and stress. She had been gang raped by her own lover and his two friends. Although she collects up the courage in her and fought against him. As a result she proves her innocence and makes that culprit feel regret for all that he has done.


A girl’s condition after facing such a disaster in life is torpid. She keeps herself detached from her friends, neighbors , family and all the worldly desires. She needs to face the society with the eyes full of doubts and hatred when she had been raped by her own lover. Every now and then while she may be walking outside her home she is hit by a new taunt and questions regarding her character.


The storyline is common. A boy raping his beloved with his friends hurting her sentiments and leaving her in pain is a common theme. The first half of the story goes around on all common situations that generally happen and one may have heard of, but as the second half starts I got quite interested and curious  to know what will happen next. The second half is copacetic as the situations mentioned in the story completely changes the culprit from a sinner to survivor. I really liked the second half of the story.


The author had successfully portrayed his thoughts maintaining a good impact on reader’s mind. The descriptions of all the events are in connection and the story doesn’t rolls on unnecessary facts. I was latched on to the story till the end and completed in forthwith.


The plot of the story is good and one can easily grab the author’s feeling and his intentions regarding rape cases. He had finely described the intentions of the story and what a girl faces when such a dreadful episode is played in her life. The writing style is simple, it will be easy for a neophyte to go through. One can easily complete the book in 3 hours.


A nice read depicting the value of a woman. The message which I learnt as a girl –“You can win over a situation in which you are being demolish, all you need is valor and fearlessness to speak around the world” .I would recommend it to every young boy and girl.


Rating : 4/5


Reviewer : Megha Biloniya

Review of 3 u Turns of my life

Title: The 3 u Turns of my Life

Author: Jitendra Gianchandrani


A triangular love story and a story of two friends,a cold fight between an CA aspirant and an MBA aspirant, and the battle for their feelings for Urvashi,the one girl, Manav and Deepak has feelings for.The story revolves around this characters who are ordinary beings and this book covers the twists of their lives.

As the back cover says:”

Manav Modi and Deepak Mehra are poles apart – one down to earth, the other flamboyant; one introvert, the other overtly loud; one aspiring to be rich, the other born with a silver spoon. Except their feelings for Urvashi, they have nothing in common. Yet, they are ‘friends’.

They part ways, only to come together in a web of destiny that puts them against each other, testing their friendship, love, patience, and even their choice of a profession!

Will this race between CA and MBA lead them to a fall, or do they need something more to pull them out of the mess created by The 3 U-Turns of My Life?”

The concept this book is based on, is very common and an ardent reader would find nothing unique that is to be served in the book.One could find many such books available in the market.A very common plot with a simple story narrated in a simple language.

The reader can easily predict what’s going to happen next and there drops the level of interest.The story is like going on an on but not to any particular direction.There are no flaws in the flow of the story, its somewhat like an old conventional style but when it comes to the storyline,freshness is somewhat missing.The description of the events is somewhere stretched and also you would find some irrelevant content in between which could disconnect the connecting link.

The language used to narrate the story is very simple and the reader can easily connect and relate to the story.A friendly narrating fashion is adopted by the author which is easy to go with and imagine the story.For the one who likes to read with less complexity and less twists having handful of simplicity, then this could be your next read.

If you are looking for a light read, you can go through this book,but if you are in search for something different then this isn’t your cup of tea.

Rating:3.3 /5

Reviewer: Shweta Kesari

Review of Forever in my heart

Title: Forever in my Heart

Author: Arindam Dey


The debut book of Arinday Dey,”Forever in my heart”, will steal your glances and would force you to go through the blurb, if you are a lover of love-story books. The story is a mixture of elements of pain,sacrifice, stubbornness and true love.In this book, author offers some twists to the readers which reader would find interesting to untwist.A story of lovers and friends which makes its own space in reader’s mind.

As the back cover says:”

‘The moment your heart chose to love each other, you challenged destiny. And it came for you, just like it comes to measure anyone who chooses to love . . .’

Eighteen years ago, an accident separated Saanjh from Rishav. When fate brings her back to him, she is confronted by a scheming Josephine and her dire obsession to win Rishav at any cost. But is that all that’s keeping Rishav away from Saanjh? Or is there another shadow of fate lurking somewhere between them? Are divine plans really designed around the deepest desires of the human heart? How far can one go to resurrect one’s life, and seek redemption?

When desire deceived love . . . the debt of a sin remained . .”

The inauguration of the story was quite off bit, means the story in the beginning travels the road which is full of suspense, which creates confusion and way of switching from present to past events or vice versa is done at very less time intervals, which later go on at appropriate time interval. Also, fluency in the writing style and a flow is missing in the beginning. After the first half, the story becomes very interesting and you can’t leave the book once you complete the first half.

The poems incorporated in this book are beautiful and are simple in nature to understand.The storyline is good and is realistic in nature. Description of characters is done in a good manner.An easy and simple writing fashion author has chosen for this book which when a novice reader reads would love to go through it.For an ardent reader, a mediocre writing style it is,which he/she could cover at ease.

The story is somewhat related to real life story ,so any reader can go through this book and even the one who is reading novel for first time can pick up this book. A nice and lovely story!

Rating:4.4 /5

Reviewer: Shweta Kesari

Review of Sceadu

 Title: Sceadu

Author: Prashant Pinge


‘Sceadu’, is a fiction story which is set to be cast in a land of fiction and is about four kids who are on for adventure. This story is a complete fiction and that you won’t get any content related to real life. It’s a complete package of author’s witty mind and humongous imaginative skills. In this book, author tries to connect to old mythology and compiled it into fiction and presented a story which he succeeded in doing so.

As the back cover says:

”All this while, Matilda’s shadow had been growing larger and larger. Suddenly, it lunged out of the ground and swallowed her, like a python does its unsuspecting prey.

Nine year old Matilda ends up with a century old book through a series of strange coincidences. And disappears. Her brother and cousins are forced to suspend their hostilities and pursue her to Sceadu, a land inside the human shadow. Once there, the reluctant visitors find themselves chased by the vicious Hefigans, creatures of Sceadu. However, everything changes with the revelation of an ancient prophecy that foretells the doom of the world they left behind.

With the stakes suddenly raised, the children must now navigate the dangerous terrain, overcome grave challenges, and unlock the secrets of the shadow. But can they do it in time to thwart the plans of the treacherous Hefigans? Or will they succumb to the guile of a ruthless enemy who is equally determined to destroy mankind?

Sceadu is a fast-paced adventure which blurs the boundary between the physical and the psychological, the real and the mythical.”

The title of the book,’Sceadu’ catches my attention at first, unique and different and anonymous to me, which later when I Google came to know that it means ‘shadow’. On the back cover, golden on black, very enticing, very enriching art work steals my attention and does justice to the story this book holds.

A newfangled concept with which you can tie up with great ease and great comfort. Apparently readers can ally with the story and the characterization and narration makes it very easy to visualize. The story is complete fiction and author’s wit has given it a new shape and new direction. Although it is a complete different story but the way  author has narrated it make the fantasy turn into reality for readers. Readers could very well relate to the story and each part of it gives a sense of reality.

Everything is at their appropriate place and plays their respective role very-well and efficiently. Author has provided a proper balance to the story, the much needed balance readers seek for in a book. Some secrets are planned to unveil in the story and the manner in which author has unveils the secrets in the chapters was done at accurate time and in an accurate manner. He very well understands reader’s mind and he unfolds the secrets keeping that in mind.

Writing style has such a flow that reader can easily connect to the story. It is done in such a manner that you don’t need to think of previous words, you could continue in a single flow, from starting to end. The number of characters in the story may create confusion, though they are the need of the story, but their names were difficult to recognize in the beginning.

The only loophole I felt in the book is that the ending could be more energetic and powerful because from the beginning itself author makes the habit of reader to get something delicious at every page, so as he/she proceeds ahead he/she wants to get more from it.

It may be a challenge for novice readers because one needs to be imaginative and for that a strong imagination skills would be required in order to go through this book. But for the one who love fantasy and fiction, a must read book for you. It’s worth your time and is entertaining.

Rating: 4.8/5

Reviewer: Shweta Kesari

Review of Lemon Girl

Title: Lemon Girl

Authoress: Jyoti Arora


Stories that touch your heart and make you feel the presence of characters are hard to find. ”Lemon Girl”, by Jyoti Arora is one such book that narrates the story of Arsh and Nirvi, in a different and appealing manner. The story voices the pain of victim of rape and how erroneously society behaves with the victim not the doer. This very message to the society along with a lovely story makes it a worth read.

As the back cover says:

“‘It’s all your fault.’
Mere words these are.
But words can possess a shadow invincible enough to rob even a soul of its eternity.”

In a society that finds it easier to mark sins of a victim than the culprit, Nirvi is a young girl punishing herself for the faults she did not do and avenging her hurts by defeating her own truth.
She is scared of her future, and ashamed of her past. She is failing herself, and knows it. She has had a long line of boyfriends, and hated them all. She detests the guy she is living with, runs away from the one she loves, and seduces the one who can never love her.
When Arsh first sees Nirvi, she’s a free and frank girl in whose eyes sparkle the lemony zest of life. The next time he sees her, she is a voiceless doll draped in clothes that cover her body less and shroud her soul more. And Arsh can’t rest till he finds out what made Nirvi give up her own real self.
Nirvi knows she is dragging herself on a path from which there can be no recovery. Can her spirit survive the treacherous downfall? Or is the pull of fear and push of desperation just too strong to withstand for a girl who believes she has “nowhere else to go” but down.

“When it’s time for you to fall in love, even a lemon can become the cause of it,” says Arsh.
But can love survive, when even the self-love dies?
Can love survive when respect is no more?
Does true love have the power to revive a dying soul?

Find out in the pages of this brilliantly woven, intense, heart-warming and thought-provoking saga of RISING IN LOVE…”

From the title of the book, I couldn’t guess something peculiar about the story, though the blurb at the back cover very clearly outlines the story and the reader would get a needed hint as to go through it or not. Talking about the cover design of the book, it looks nice but the cover could depict more of the story.

In the beginning, the mystery of Nirvi’s life is kept  at pause and that makes you discover and unfolds the mystery and as soon as you discovers it, you would find yourself all set to reach to the end. The narration of the story goes in juxtaposing the part of Nirvi’s and Arsh’s feelings, which at some places, creates confusion. If a single character would narrate it then I think it would go more smoothly.

The storyline of the book is very nice, although nothing so out of the box story it is, but the reader would find a touch of reality in it and as the reader progress towards the end, he/she could completely relate to it. The story has limited number of characters which makes the story go at ease creating no amount of confusion in reader’s mind. There’s a proper flow provided to the story which makes reader keep on turning the pages.

A matured and fluid writing style is used to coat the story. Only relevant incidents are narrated and the best thing about the book is it is not unnecessarily stretched, the authoress very well knows what to narrate and what not to and when to give a full-stop.

Precisely, I would call it worth-a read. Flavours are there, a good story is there and presence of good narration style makes it worth a read.

Rating : 4.4/5

Reviewer: Shweta Kesari


Review of Poetry for Everyone

 Title: Poetry for Everyone

Poet: Diwakar Pokhriyal


“Poetry for everyone”, for everyone? How can that’s be possible? Only few people are able to understand and read poetry, how can this book could be for everyone? The first look at the title would definitely pose such a question in the non-poetry reader’s mind or he/she would just put it down on seeing the cover. But friends, don’t do this mistake! This book is just not the book that compiles some of the poems you people couldn’t understand and couldn’t be able to make out a single meaning out of it.

“Poetry for everyone: 25 colors of poetry”, by Diwakar Pokhriyal, is a different poetry book I’ve came across in my life which just not composes poem but teaches how to compose in a friendly manner. The 25 colors of the poetry as states the subtitle, indicates towards the 25 different types of poetry poet has incorporated in this book. The 25 flavors are: Acoustic, Alliteration, Abecarderian, Baccresieze, Cinquain, Couplet, Cromorna, Diagonal Acrostic, enclosed rhyme, Epitaphs, Etheree, Etheree double, Fibonacci, Haiku, Senryu, Quatrain, Free verse, Rhyming, Tanka, Tetractys(triple), Remix poetry form, Upside down poetry, Zig zag rhyming, fun with words and Haptaoem.

I was so excited to go through this book and learn the 25 flavors of the poetry when I got to know this different concept of the book poet has worked on. Not only does he make you understand the poems and how to compose it, he has chosen a way of conversation to make it easy for the readers to adopt and learn them. This very way of helping readers and writers touched my heart, and I very much loved the concept.

From the title of the book to the cover design, everything plays a significant role and justifies with the content. In the beginning; a newbie gets a lesson on each kind of poetry as how it goes with example poetry and then few more poems are composed in all the categories mentioned above.

If a beginner chooses this book to learn the magic of poetry, he/she might get difficulty in understanding the poems, as in some of the poems resides the hidden meaning which an ardent poet loves but a newbie would face problem to gulp it down. According to me, some simpler poems should be used to make the journey and learning process easy for the newbies. Also the poems already recited in the learning section shouldn’t be repeated in the section ahead.

Ready to learn the twenty-five colors of poetry to color your canvas of thoughts? What are you waiting for friends? This is the right time to go through this book and be the one who can say,’ I’m no more afraid of poetry, instead I can compose poems that too 25 different kinds of!’

Rating: 4.5/5

Reviewer: Shweta Kesari

Review of Essentials to Road Safety

Title : Essentials of road safety

Authors: Ashwini Bagga and Nisha Bagga


Are you people aware of the enormous use of vehicles on road and the traffic it causes? If you are , then you are also aware of the road safeties, right? Well, many are not! To bring out the awareness and essentials of the road safeties, Ashwini Bagga along with Nisha Bagga, came forward with a book demonstrating the essentials of road safety.

As the back cover says:

”Safety, safety and safety; we are too much concerned about safety and we talk about the subject everywhere whether at home, in home, in office, industry or anywhere else. But we are least bothered about safety on roads. Shouldn’t we take these deadly roads seriously and discuss about the safety measures required by everyone. Probably this sensitive issue has not been accepted by us yet and that is why it is not taught to children at school.

Muskaan foundation, Udaipur has come up with an initiative to introduce Road Safety as co-scholastic activities in some selected schools. This book has been specially designed to teach students about the terms related to road traffic and safety. We have emphasized more on activities rather theoretical details as these practical activities will enable children to develop the apt driving behavior right from their childhood. This book is equally useful and must also be read by parents in order to understand and comprehend the importance, sensitivity and necessity of the subject. We hope this edition will help teachers and parents to bring up sensitive and safer generations ahead.”

First of all, the book gives a brief introduction of traffic and introduction of vehicles. And then it covers briefs on various terms like types of road users, causes of road accidents, road crossing, overtaking, safe cycling, good driving habits, safety in school bus, traffic rules, first aid etc.

Pictures taking participation at appropriate place makes the journey easier to understand authors’ words. The content of the book are arranged in a suitable manner which is easy to learn and go through it. Usages of paragraphs are less to see and the directions and suggestions are mostly in point so that reader can comfortably go through them. The 20 activities provided at the end of the book makes a great learning trick for students and students will definitely enjoy doing them and are much essential to make them better understand what they have learnt before.

Authors have laid emphasis on minute-minute things which we riders avoid while riding or driving. Going through this book, you will get to know many do’s and don’ts of safety driving which are very essential to follow while we are on road. Authors have presented the content in a very catchy manner and have maintained a flow which is required for such type of books. A simple and good language has been adopted by the authors. No irrelevant details and content are to be found in this book,instead authors have tried to put forward their words in a precise manner making it an easy learning process.

This book is basically written for class 6th to 9th  standard students,but as everyone is using vehicles, safety is required for everyone and everyone should be aware of the road safeties. So, this book deserves to be read once and follow the rules for your safety.

Rating: 5/5

Reviewer: Shweta Kesari

Review of S.H.E is my…

Title : S.H.E is my…

Author: Mohit Jain


Mohit Jain’s first two books basically share his knowledge about management and related topics, but his recent book, S.H.E is my…, a fiction one, definitely brings out a new art of the author. If those books feed knowledge in the mind of management students, this book works nothing less for the one who has the virus of she.

As the back cover says :

”It has been twenty years in the industry and now having seen his rise, fall and re-rise, he plans to retire. Some chemistry he had with girls. His circle mostly had female tangents. It was indeed a psychological pleasure for him. Not everybody is god at this unique feature. He pampered and charmed all those women with whom he has never in a relationship with, till one day he realized that his life has 3 girlfriends already. His wife, his daughter, and his that female friend-the S.HE., who taught him to humble and dedicated to his family. Finally, he got committed to all 3 of them.”

“Anyhow, 80% of the people can’t understand 90% of what I say. Who am I? What am I?”

“I just have one love. I am Eklavya.”

In the beginning, the book has all the power, strength and magnetic effect to pull readers towards it. The excellent presence of humor, well-defined character, involvement of proper amount of suspense makes a delightful content a reader is in search of. On seeing the amount of suspense it created in the beginning, I was all set to complete it in a single sit.

The role of Krishna in protagonist’s life is clueless and the protagonist itself is a mystery in the first few pages.The part when the story keeps everything hidden under the blanket is very intriguing and interesting.When Eklavya starts to narrate his story, the thread humorously knitted in the beginning starts to loose its strength to some extent, as I was expecting for something more unique and different.

I found myself lost in the middle of the story, the process of juxtaposing past and present events creates confusion in the mind of readers and that is where the link weakens, but again when reader approaches towards end, from blur and shattered images, everything seems to be at their respective places. Although the story is dedicated to Eklavya (a powerful character, one would get to know after going through this book), but it is not the story of Eklavya only, this is the story who has S.H.E in his life.

Author’s way of presentation is different and maturity in the art of writing is maintained throughout. Writing style has a wonderful pace and a soothing effect that links the events artistically. While reading the book, each and every facet of the story, would get accommodation in the pool of imagination. Readers could very well visualize the events and sometimes even feel it.

Some grammatical errors are there in the book, which if proofreading could be done properly then can be eliminated. But there are very few mistakes, so it doesn’t hinder much in the reading journey and the soothing writing fashion act as the shield.

Recommended to all male out there! Through this book you would get to understand a vital part of your life or call it the virus of S.H.E which is in your genes.A page turner!

Rating:3.7 /5

Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

Review of Day is Night


Title : Day is Night

Authoress : J.R. Jyoti

“Day is Night:A collection of 62 Short Humorous Stories” is a short fiction book that encorporates various incidents and facts authoress has came through in her life and which many of us have also been encountered in our life.

As the back cover says ‘ Tickling the funny bones is known to produce chuckles, giggles and hearty laughs-all tonics for healthy living.

Day is Night is a tickler capsule packed with 62 ingrediants, aimed at clearing hazy vision, lifting sagging moods and keeping despair at bay.

Illustrations are added to hasten the action and enhance the effect.

Caution: Side effects such as sharp pain, a burning sensation, uneasiness and prickly pinpricks have been observed.Don’t, however, panic; these are indications that the medicine is working.’

Title is unique and catchy and so do the cover,and only this very thing made me to pick this book.What more fascinated me in this book is : witty comparison authoress has made of different situations.I liked them at lot. A picture is provided in each of the 62 stories that very-well defines the topic.Pictures are likeable and funny.And they perfeclty suits the title. I thought of this book as an amalgamation of short stories, as mentioned on the front cover, instead I found authoress’ views and perceptions on some topics she has chosen to tell readers about.

Authoress observations and perceptions are laid down in this book quite nicely.Although authoress claimed the stories to be humourous, I couldn’t say all of them are humourous but some of them are. This book will help you to see many realities of today’s era and generation.The good thing is authoress has showcased all of them in an eloquent manner with appropriate pictures festooning the articles. Writing style is nice and authoress has avoided unnecessary description gaining one more plus point.

Readers would get several flavours to taste in this book. Some articles are really hilarious and witty, while some stand at the niche of good, some at nice and the rest are just okay. Each of the article holds a message but not that powerful. The articles I liked the most from this book are :

Face to face with Sati
Of Face-lifts and Facials
Marry in Haste, Repent at Leisure
Dress Bound
Obvious is elusive
Infatuation Thy Name is Husband
Nothing is Good or Bad
The Bright Side of Things

It felt like I was reading 62 different articles that are amalgamated in the book. Such content would look good in magazines or as articles in newspaper.For me this book doesn’t work out well, as I had expected a lot after seeing the title and the synopsis.

Rating : 3/5

Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

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Review of Essence of the Dharmapada


Title : Essence of the Dharmapada

Author: Eknath Easwaran

“Essence of Dharmapada:The Buddha’s call to Nirvana”,by Eknath Easwaran is a religion and philosphical based book in which author has laid down various vital facets of Buddha’s life in the form of examples to absorb most of those teachings, also portarying Buddha’s teachings showcasing some facets of his life.

As the back cover says ‘ Eknath Easwaran, translator of the best-selling edition of the Dhammapada, sees this powerful scripture as a perfect map for the spiritual journey. Said to be the text closest to the Buddha’s actual words, it is a collection of short teachings memorized during his lifetime by his disciples. Easwaran presents the Dhammapada as a guide to spiritual perseverance, progress, and ultimately enlightenment — a heroic confrontation with life as it really is, with straight answers to our deepest questions. We witness the heartbreak of death, for instance — what does that mean for us? What is love? How does karma work? How do we follow the spiritual
life in the midst of work and family? Does nirvana really exist, and if so, what is it like to be illumined? In his interpretation of Buddhist themes, illustrated with stories from the Buddha’s life, Easwaran offers a view of the concept of Right Understanding that is both exhilarating and instructive. He shares his experiences on the
spiritual path, giving the advice that only an experienced teacher and practitioner can offer, and urges us to answer for ourselves the
Buddha’s call to nirvana — that mysterious, enduring state of wisdom, joy, and peace.’

An appearance of pink lotus on the white background and the carvings with the pink colour itself generates the aroma of peace.Cover picture,title and the blurb at the back side all the three are apt for the content the book holds.

Like Eknath Easwaran’s other books,this book also imparted with a feather like writing fashion.Reader will completely involved and find a space for himself/herself while reading the book. The book itself answers many of the questions arising in your mind.It will help you to open many of the closed cells residing in your brain and shows you the path in order to feel free and rejuvenated. The book is written with utter simplicity and any reader could easily find himself/herself induldge in this book.This book may cancel out the negative thoughts taking place in your mind which are acting as a source to effect your life. It tells the definition of life in accordance with Buddha’s perception. In this book,author has very potently presented Buddha’s words.

Some very humourous examples has been portrayed in the book in order to make readers very well understand Buddha’s thoughts, as his thinking is beyond our imagination.No matter how bad or low you are feeling while you are about to start this book.But at the end of it,your mind,body and soul would be at the state of peace. A good book to know about Buddha and the journey of his life. Even after completely reading this book,the impression would last long on your mind.

It’s way difficult to find any dawnfall in a book that serves you eternal peace.If you are keen to learn teachings of Buddha ,this is a good book to go with and feed your brain with the eternal thoughts of Buddha. For a peaceful existence,this is one out of many books ,I would like to recommend you all.

Get in the boat.Start the journey.You will find for yourself what is beyond the world of change and suffering.

Rating : 5/5

Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

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Review of Time’s Lost Atlas


Title : Time’s Lost Atlas

Compiled by : Harsh Agarwal

The creative design suited to the title approached me at first.The blurb at the back cover very precisely and eloquently gives the hint of what you are going to have in the reading journey.

As the back cover says ‘ Ready to travel to Pakistan,London,Nepal, China, New York,India,in one single book?

With 11 stories encompassing 11 major events of the last decade,this anthology is a concoction of tragedy,romance,mystery and thriller,brewed to perfection to ensure a nail biting experience.

Reminisce and relish the events which shook the world.Breathe the freshness of past, dive into the reasons that shaped the world as it is now,walk through your bygone times,fly across the continents marking your longest journey ever-for you hold the Times’s Lost Atlas in your hand.

Beneath by Budhaditya Bhattacharjee

The book inaugarates with a mysterious and suspenseful story good enough to charge me up.The beginning is very interesting and mysterious and it held my hand until I unveiled the supsense it holds.The end of the story is quite unexpected and I thoroughly enjoyed reading the story.A good story to start with.A good job by the author.

The Motown Conspiracy by Sakshi Shrivastava

The start of the story is bit low and there drifted my attention to some extent.But the good thing is story comes to its level after 3-4 initial pages.The story unravels the face of those people who are helping terrorists.The story also gives a message to be aware and to get complete information when you are about to enter in a new firm or going to indulge with someone you don’t know for good time.

The One and Only Purpose

More description of emotions and less number of events and I found it undemanding.Albeit the authoress owns a nice writing fashion that acts as the backbone of the story.Unlike other stories I was not completely engaged to the story.Albeit I like the theme.

In the Dark by Pooja Wanpal

The way authoress has presented the story is praiseworthy.Of all the time it was keeping my interest alive.The way authoress has described every event and protagonist’s emotions and thoughts created a perfect ambience and I could easily visualize every single facet of the story.Also, she has chosen a great incident to write on.

The Rising by Malavika Roy

The authoress has framed the story very-well.Each of the facets of the story is interesting and is blended nicely.Theme is good along with the storyline and authoress has presented it in a friendly manner.She has narrated the short story in a pleasing way maintaining its charm.A beautiful story with a wonderful end.

The Flich

The story is a juxtapose of past and present events of Samuel Frederick’s life, the exemplar who got cheated in the name of love.The poignant description of the events and feelings of the protagonist made it easy to go with the story and it added charm to the story.The authoress very well knows how to present a short story in an appealing manner in order to make it interesting and engaging and how to do justice with the story. In order to unveil the suspense the story holds my hands from the very beginning,and I was completely hooked to the story.

A symphony of Concurrences by Vishal Bagaria

Like the previous story this story also juxtaposes past and present events,although both are way different from each other and holds their own flavour. The story is a bit elongated than other stories present in the book.Well,that helps to create a nice ambience needed to make the story more lively and interesting.Events are well arranged and narrated elegantly that made me hooked to it till the end. A well-knitted story sprinkled with suspense,infatuation,terrorism,fear,suspection and crime.A very engaging story.

Pangs of Pain by Shruti Jain

What would you do if at any stage of life you got only single option to save any one of your children? No answer and perplexed,right?And how would you feel if you are to be blamed of killing one of your child?Helplessness could make you do so.
This story revolves around a drastic event a family faced.The story is about a very difficult decision a father made in order to save his daughter and let go off his son.This story made me go emotional and I couldn’t stop myself from shedding tears for this heart-touching story.I just simply love this story.

United we fall by Anurag Anand

After an emotionally drenched story,there came a story of full of intelligent minds.Not revealing much about the story as it would clearly give you the hint to identify the story.I ask you to read it yourself and discover.Author has done very good research on the story he has chosen.He has described everything very well and narrated the story in a friendly manner.The events and the feelings,the environment many of us haven’t experienced in reality and are unaware of the events taking place there.Through this story author has unleashed some facets and that too efficiently and it also shares the message of ‘unity’.This story made me experience a new feeling.

Innocents at War by Adwitiya Borah

This story showcases the fear of innocent becoming victims of death caused due to the fight between Hindu and Muslim.There fear that death can knock anytime at their doorsteps.Many people are being killed in the name of religion even though they are at no fault.A wonderful theme chosen by the author and every person should know this evil truth and feel the pain the victims have been through reading this nicely portrayed story.The story shares the message of humanity and brotherhood.

The Victims by Vishnu Vardhanan

The author broadcasts the feelings of the protagonists very-well.As mentioned in his bio,he communicates with his writing being a natural introvert and he communicates so well.The story is of a Post Traumatic Stress Disorder’s suffered guy called Abhinav.The author unleashes the facets of story humourously making me hooked to the story till the end.A very good effort by the author.

All the stories are graciously presented and all the authors owns a very nice writing fashion.The book served eleven recipes on a single plate baked with different events,sprinkled and garnished with numerous feelings.

For a girl like me who doesn’t have zilch of knowledge of current affairs,this book acts as a bliss.Not only I enjoyed reading the stories but also I’ve fed my mind with such much-needed-to know-events of the history.

There are no such downfalls I could locate.Where some stories are very good others are good.But,all in all a good book to go with.

I also appreciate Harsh for bringing this out of the box theme before readers and selecting beautiful stories for this book.A very good work by all the authors who are a part of this book and wishing all of them very good luck for their future ventures.

Rating : 4.8/5

Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

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