Review of Almost There But Yet Not Arrived

Title: Almost There But Yet Not Arrived Author: Sandeep Mishra Right from our early years, we try to gauge success by the amount of laurels one holds or in terms of large sums of money. This book revolves around the life of a boy, Shashi, who aspires to be a winner in everything he does. … Read more

Review of Love, Films and Rock ‘n’ Roll

Title : Love, Films and Rock ‘n’ Roll Author : Swayam Ganguly “Love, Films and Rock ‘n’ Roll” by Swayam Ganguly is an enthralling story about three young men, finding their ways to fulfill their deepest desires, in spite of all the complications and hitches. The book is an amazing demonstration of the present scenario … Read more

Review of Burning Sapphires

Title : Burning Sapphires Author : Suresh K Goswami “Burning Sapphires” by Suresh K Goswami is an intense story of Gulab Sahib, a Kashmiri girl who works selflessly for the people around her in order to build a secure, intellectual and a better place to live in. The book has a great storyline which is … Read more