Review of 3 u Turns of my life

Title: The 3 u Turns of my Life Author: Jitendra Gianchandrani A triangular love story and a story of two friends,a cold fight between an CA aspirant and an MBA aspirant, and the battle for their feelings for Urvashi,the one girl, Manav and Deepak has feelings for.The story revolves around this characters who are ordinary … Read more

Review of Forever in my heart

Title: Forever in my Heart Author: Arindam Dey The debut book of Arinday Dey,”Forever in my heart”, will steal your glances and would force you to go through the blurb, if you are a lover of love-story books. The story is a mixture of elements of pain,sacrifice, stubbornness and true love.In this book, author offers … Read more

Review of Lemon Girl

Title: Lemon Girl Authoress: Jyoti Arora Stories that touch your heart and make you feel the presence of characters are hard to find. ”Lemon Girl”, by Jyoti Arora is one such book that narrates the story of Arsh and Nirvi, in a different and appealing manner. The story voices the pain of victim of rape … Read more

Review of Poetry for Everyone

 Title: Poetry for Everyone Poet: Diwakar Pokhriyal “Poetry for everyone”, for everyone? How can that’s be possible? Only few people are able to understand and read poetry, how can this book could be for everyone? The first look at the title would definitely pose such a question in the non-poetry reader’s mind or he/she would … Read more

Review of Essentials to Road Safety

Title : Essentials of road safety Authors: Ashwini Bagga and Nisha Bagga Are you people aware of the enormous use of vehicles on road and the traffic it causes? If you are , then you are also aware of the road safeties, right? Well, many are not! To bring out the awareness and essentials of … Read more

Review of Trouble has a new name

Title: Trouble has a new name Author: Adite Banerjie Love stories that let you float in the pool of emotions are hard to find. Well, not completely sure of the content of the book, I picked up a book named ‘Trouble has a new name’, by Adite Banerjie. This book serves you a tale that … Read more

Review of Hey Dad! Meet my Mom

Title: Hey Dad! Meet my Mom Author: Sandeep Sharma and Leepi Agrawal “Hey Dad! Meet my Mom”, doesn’t the title itself pulls you towards it as if holding a mystery and waiting to unveil and read by you. This is a story that revolves around the corrugated edges of protagonist’s life leading you to a … Read more

Review of Bringing Up your Baby

Title: Bringing up your Baby Author : Komal Porecha Bringing up a Baby, the most beautiful and toughest task involves a lot of effort and attention. Although almost everyone does this task, but doing it perfectly and understanding your child to the best is the question. ”Bringing Up Your Baby: the comprehensive guide for your … Read more

Review of Runaway Children

Title: Runaway Children Author : S Hariharan “Runaway Children: a true story”, by S Hariharan is a story of a teenager who seeks freedom in his life and in search of freedom he leaves his home and discovers the hardships he has never faced in the shelter of his family. As the back cover says:” … Read more

Review of Made in India

Title: Made in India Author: Kunal Vijayakar Dear Foodies, I know you all love to have mouth-watering food and some of you may also like to cook them, but what about rest? Yes, I ‘m talking to those who are glutton but don’t know cooking. Well, if this is the case, then why not give … Read more

Review of An Introduction to Public Speaking

Title: Introduction to Public Speaking Author: Brent C. Oberg Many a times situation comes to speak in front of people, that too sometimes impromptu. But do all of you are ready to serve your thoughts whenever required in front of number of crowds? No, not everyone! Right? Keeping this very thing in mind, an English … Read more

Review of The Secrets of the Dark

The Secrets of the Dark

Title : The Secrets of the Dark Author: Arka Chakrabarti ‘Fantasy’, the genre I love to go through is rare to find by Indian authors, and when I got some I never drop the chance to go through it. “The Secrets of the Dark…the debt of blood is never repaid’, by Arka Chakrabarti is one … Read more

Review of Six Plus one wish

Title: The Six Plus one Wish Author: Anubhav Joyotirmoy A story of ghost in the absence of scare! Well, such stories are rare to find and when one finds, the story is stated to be lacking in the storyline or narration that fails to raise goose bumps. But, ‘The Six+1 Wish’, by Anubhav Jyotirmoy could … Read more

Review of The Mastery Manual

Title: The Mastery Manual Author: Robin Sharma Whenever you get stuck in the maze of your life and needs someone or something that could make you shine again and bring in the power to you, the energy to rise again and shine again and the one thing that shows you the path to travel, self-help … Read more

Review of The Art of Conversation

Title: The Art of Conversation Author: Godfrey Harris ‘Conversation’,though anyone could converse, but the one who knows what to say when and where wins the battle. Conversation plays a very vital role in every field of life; it holds the prowess to let you win any battle and could also make you lose. So, it’s … Read more

Review of The Agony of Love

Title: The Agony of Love Author: Neilay Khasnabish The Agony of Love is the debut novel of the author Neilay Khasnabish.It is a love story in which protagonist faces several peaks and valleys from procuring a job to seizing his love. As the blurb narrate : ‘The Agony Of Love’ is a love story of … Read more

Review of Puzzles to Puzzle you

Title :Puzzles to Puzzle you Author : Shakuntala Devi Puzzles are meant to bring your mind out of its comfort zone. Shakuntala Devi, whose books were my childhood companion for some good years in school has again clutched my hand for some quality time. ”Puzzles to Puzzle you”, by Shakuntala Devi is a collection of … Read more

Review of 100 stories that you will never forget

Title: 100 stories you will never forget Author: J.P. Vaswani Rare to find are the books that touches your heart as well as your soul.”100 stories you will never forget”, by J.P. Vaswani , as the title itself says, all the hundred stories hold prowess to never let the readers forget them, if by chance … Read more

Review of Decoding Life

Title: Decoding Life Author: Vikas Singal This is the second time I’m being offered with Vikas Singal’s short stories. Usually I can’t go through e-books, but I agreed to go through his e-book “And They Fell in Love” and surprisingly I completed it in a single sit. His first paperback book “Decoding Life” is a … Read more