Review of Because Life is a Gift

Title : Because Life is a Gift : Stories of hope, courage and perseverance

Author : Disha


As the blurb of the book goes: He is ten years old and confined to a wheelchair. But that’s not his identity. To the world, he is India’s youngest patent holder for inventing variants of chess for six, twelve and sixty players.

Have you heard of the Army Major who was declared dead in the Kargil war, but is India’s first blade runner today?

Do you think a woman without hands can be one of India’s leading painters?

What is the first thought that comes to your mind when you see a differently-abled person? Pity? Sympathy?

The real-life success stories of fifteen differently-abled people charted in Because Life is a Gift will make you think otherwise. You will sense pride replace all feelings of pity and sympathy for they have fought against all odds to achieve their dreams.

This book is a tribute to their courage, passion and zest for life. They will challenge your notion of the impossible. They will inspire you to live life to the fullest, because life is truly a gift.

My View:

‘Because Life is A Gift: Stories of Hope, courage and perseverance’, is a compilation of some fruitful stories that contains all the ingredients to boost up the hope of people.The cover design simple and sober
yet gains attention.Title best suits the story it holds,stories inside the book makes you learn the great gift God has given to us.Fifteen stories and fifteen chances for you to climb the steps a level up.

The theme chosen by the authoress to write upon is really wonderful. Such people are the real proud of the nation. All these legends chose to become an object of inspiration instead of becoming an object to be pitied upon. The must thing that is required to complete their journey is support and love of their family and friends, without their support, the journey is nearly impossible to complete without them. God has provided them a different life, but they left no stones unturned to make them stand out, and proved what actually makes them different from the others.

Usually, in short stories book, not all the stories touch your heart and not as enthralling as the other ones present in the book. But, in this book, all the stories tends to inspire the reader and instills within him/her hope and new power to push himself/herself towards his/her strength and treat mental-illness that is act as a hindrance, most of the time.The amount of hard work and research authoress has done in this book is evident from the stories she has chosen to be a part of this book.

About the narration fashion authoress has adopted in the book: simple language,properly articulated and in a flow.A brief intro about the protagonist in the beginning and then tracing the fine curves of exemplar’s journey is a clean style of portraying the story.At no point, it felt like irrelevant or unwanted content is provided,everything seems appropriate at it’s place.One more good thing I noticed is,if reader gets so inspired from a story that he/she wishes to thank the person,e-mail is provided at the end of the story,so that reader’s can contact the person and at the same time receiver would feel even more happy and elated on receiving such note.

A work of literature which would make you fall in love with life.

Because it is you who choose to win or lose,
It is you, who has to believe in yourself,
You are here for a reason
Make your existence worth.

Inspirational, heart-warming, worthy and recommended to each and every one out there!

Rating : 5/5

Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

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