Interview of Rabjot Singh Isher author of ‘A Journey Back Home’

Interviewed by Shweta Kesari

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1. What is literature to you?

Literature can be anything that can add value to my life and understanding. That can make me more compassionate and peaceful and that can bring change in society and in the mindsets of people. So for me literature and value addition are closely linked.

2. When you started writing this book and what are your expectations from it?

I started writing this book in January 2014. My only expectation from the book is that maximum people could read it, absorb it and then implement the valuable insights in their lives to enable them to live a more peaceful life.

3. ‘A Journey Back Home’ is your debut book, while writing it, what hindrances came in between?

There were no specific hindrances as such.

4. Which thing provoked you to write this book?

It is my interest in spirituality and firm belief in the connectedness of all of us that made me to write this book. Further I wrote it to share the message of great masters who may have lived centuries ago but their message is as relevant today as it was during the time they lived.

5. Tell me about your next project?

My next project is about the story of a man whose life changes after a profound experience. It deals with spirituality, selfless service, hatred, greed, jealousy and lust.

Details of his book-
Blurb-Angad is born and brought up in Delhi. The sudden demise of his parents and his break-up with his girlfriend left him shattered and caused a deep hurt on his psyche, and he thus tried to find instant gratification in unethical pleasures like illicit sex, alcohol, etc. Life’s been reduced to nothing more than a time period for pleasure and fun for him until he meets Nayab, a unique girl. The girl provides him valuable insights from her personal experience and takes him on a journey of self-renewal. In the process, she quotes the distinguished masters like Kabeer, Guru Nanak, Buddha, and few others to illustrate the difference between spirituality and superstition. Finding practical relevance of the message shared by her to his own life, Angad slowly and gradually starts bringing changes in his life and in his understanding of everything that exists around him. The insights that Nayab shares with him and that makes all the difference comes from as diverse fields as Psychology, Science, Spirituality and Love.
The title ‘A Journey Back Home’ refers to the journey that Angad makes to his physical home (after greatly disliking it initially) inspired by the real journey that he makes to his spiritual home (heart).

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You can buy his book from here- 9789383416417&otracker=from-search&srno=t_1&query=a+ journey+back+home+Rabjot+ Singh&ref=e500cd3c-cde0-4940-a895-bf2574e3b27b

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