Review of A Pluperfect Gift


Title: A Pluperfect Gift

Author: Shalabh Bansal

Love stories in market are easily available and one would get ample of love stories , some simple, some twisted and some reaches beyond reader’s imagination.”A Plupperfect Gift”, debut fiction of Shalabh Bansal is a also a love story that traverses on the maze of protagonist’s life.This story with a bit of humor offers reader a delightful read that too in a facile manner.

As the back cover says:”All was going well for Samar.He had a promising career in the merchant navy ahead of him, and he was looking forward to his next sailing assignment. Then came along Arisha, and he discovered the love of his life. What could possibly go wrong?

This is the story of Samar and Arisha and their battle with the ultimate master- Time itself. And how sometimes, the most extraordinary things happen to ordinary people.

Is the ultimate clash between Love, Life and Time, who could possibly win?”

Initially I couldn’t make out anything of the story, the sudden turns it takes and the twist it serves concludes nothing making readers go through a round of questions. But one thing for sure it connotes-an unexpected mystery waiting to unfold itself.

A fantastic storyline created by the author. When it comes to love story very rarely I could find something unique and different from others. This storyline to some extent has something different in its store and with bites of suspense it treats readers with bumpy voyage.

Without a shadow of doubt, a very simple writing has been used by the author. For a novice reader it would be easy to go with it, but for an ardent reader it couldn’t be that soothing and smooth in nature. Initially it would feel quite odd, but as it proceeds ahead, readers would get friendly to that.

I found author’s prowess in letting the reader’s mind go criss cross with the story and eventually reader would find himself/herself tucked to it, until and unless they solve the mystery it holds. Unexpected it was in the beginning as where the story is heading and what turn it would take and that is I suppose the backbone of this book.

The story paces at a very great pace and I found it not going parallel with the reader;s mind.While reading is trying dwell in a particular situation,author sweeps off to a next episode and hence it fails to create the aroma.

Incidents could be narrated in a friendlier manner so that readers would be able to relate completely with it.Incidents are fruitful, but what a reader seeks from a story is that a story that could take him/her to a different world. The very thing could be possible by the way the story has been implemented and presented before readers. From articulation of sentences, to narration of miniscule facets of the story, a flavor is missing that could cast a spell on readers. A better implementation could take this book to a step ahead.

Twisted tale narrated in a simpatico fashion. Recommended to novice readers!

Reviewer: Shweta Kesari

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