Review of One Life to Love

Cover of One Life To Love by Vinaya Patil

Title : One Life to Love
Authoress : Vinaya Patil

As the blurb of the book goes:” Beautiful and rich Riya is convinced that college Casanova, Vidit, is the man of her dreams. So blind is her love that she doesn’t pay heed to her best friend, the ever-practical Saachi’s entreaties to steer clear of him. Meanwhile, Saachi has her own matters of the heart to contend with—she has fallen in love with the handsome Aadi who is averse to romance. Then, of course, there is the level-headed Manish, who loves Riya even though she spurns his every advance.
As the story unfolds, Saachi, Manish and Aadi strategize to expose Vidit’s cunning ways in front of Riya. Will Riya realize her folly and teach Vidit a lesson he will never forget? And will Aadi battle his inner demons and find a soulmate in Saachi?
Set in Bengaluru and Goa, One Life to Love, is the charming coming-of-age story of four engineering students as they deal with the complex issues of love, friendship, and relationships. A fun, uplifting and heart-warming read, this story will strike a chord with today’s youth and inspire them to face life head-on.

The story starts with a friend(the protagonist,Saachi) narrating the story of her friend which made me feel that the story is all about her friend, and she is just the narrator, but later I found that her friend’s story is just a side story. In the beginning, if Saachi would start narrating her own story, it would put a greater impact on the reader’s mind, and it would be more acceptable and appealing.
Emotions and feelings are very well displayed by the authoress that at one time, one could feel completely involved and engrossed in the story. Authoress has embarked her wittiness in the book which can force you to curve your lips, at certain moments keeping your interest alive in the reading journey. The story is provided with a constant pace which very well compliments the story and it moves.
Although the story roams around friendship, love, college life, it has something new for its readers, combination of human hues which make readers hooked to the story.
Witty one liner and humorous conversations make you gel with the story. At every phase of the story, reader can relate to the story which let him /her flow in the pool of emotions along with the characters.
Authoress has provided a proper shape to the story, along with a well-nourished writing style, flamboyant flow to it, making use of chivalry moments. She has her hands in portraying the scenes very vividly and nicely and readers can easily click pictures out of it, rolling infront of his/her eyes while reading the book.
A book I completed in a single sit. Hope you too get engrossed while reading this book. Happy Reading!
Recommended to love-story readers!
Rating: 4.3/5
Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

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