Review of The real you


Author- Radhanath Swami

‘The Real You’:Wisdom from Radhanath Swami,is a book which helps you in making you understand yourself.It suggests ways to see your real images and how to identify it and also it shows the images of our deeds in todays world and the importance it holds.

As the back cover says-‘When the sun shines on a snow-capped mountain,the layers of snow melt down helplessly.Similarly,when sun-like wisdom shines on a covered entity,layers of ignorance start melting away,thus encovering The Real You.

In this book,you will find a combination of the wisdom of the heart and the wisdom of art.This combined wisdom can make us ponder,wonder and help us to overcome the blunder of ignorance which leads to suffering and sorrow.This book is a collection of pearls of wisdom,in the necklace of life,for the beauty of the soul.’

In this book,author gave light on values to strive for,the spirit in one,about God,to know about him and his existence,wisdom from the heart,from nature,irony of this world,on leadership,peace-the need of the day,yoga and meditation and how to be successful.

The concepts of life and its necessary elements are so clear to the author.His every statement depicts a positivity in thought and utter confidence.The language he used is simple so that readers could feel connected to it.

These are some truth which we are not able to understand,even if we are able to understand them we cover them with a blanket because walking on the path others dont, fear up us with several calamties that may occur in treading that path.But that’s the absolute path to be Real You.

Such books gives knowingly or unknowlingly, answers to the questions which are buried deep under your heart from great time but you fear to dig them as whenever you try you end up with confusion or something unpleasent.This book will work as a tool to dig out those questions and answer them with honesty.This book is indeed an eye-opening book.

Rating- 4.6/5

Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

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