Review of The Unbreakable Law

Title : The Unbreakable Law


Subtitle : The Code of Destiny


Author : Pragat Kasana




Blurb : When a few teleportation devices called ‘Power Urn’ fall in wrong hands, the leaders of an extraterrestrial species decide to send a rescue mission which must include a human from earth.
Hersh, the chosen human, leads a death defying journey to rescue those urns but later find out that he has even bigger challenges ahead including a war. Will he be able to know the Unbreakable Law of Destiny and win the war?


My view : The book at first glance  strikes many questions in the reader’s mind , and at the same time holds a positive vibe about the content it is having from the very beginning.The story starts on a very interesting note, maintaining the quality of alluring readers to step into their coat steadily.The way author welcomes reader with a tint of excitement,energy and humour makes reader go hooked to it.



Storyline : Being a fantasy fiction,the plot has something new to offer to readers.Amalgamation of fantasy with reality provides a new flavour to the story.The plot is well-crafted and is emblazoned with intelligence of the author.The witty remarks author has dropped in the story in between helps to build interest among the readers.It holds reader’s attention for long,and captivates their mind in the maze it has served.The events participated in the story are sturdy enough to go along with the story till it finishes it’s last chapter.



Narration : Author has chosen a very adpatable writing fashion to let flow his thoughts. In order to provide a comfortable and light journey to the readers, author has used simple words to portray his thoughts, and at the same time maintains the flow.His wild imagination comes out before readers in quite an compelling manner.Adorned with simplicity, he serves so many shades to the reader that the journey becomes stimulating and  flexible at the same time.At moment, the characters, the charisma , the atmosphere , the lined-up episodes all forces to gather your focus on the story,to pay a visit to author’s creative creation.



Loophole : The suspense and thrill it used to maintain in the beginning seems to losses its impact on reader’s mind as it progresses. Although reader’s attention doesn’t drift off completely, but it seems to fade with the time.



Altogether, an interesting and alluring read, with lots of stuff to feed.



Rating : 4.1/5



Reviewer : Shweta Kesari 

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