Review of Vasu and the Matsya Temple


Title : Vasu and the Matsya Temple

Author : Rajeev Tanwar

Fantasy books instinctively rise a shrill of excitement within readers at the very first look.Rajeev Tanwar’s debut book, ‘Vasu and the Matsya Temple: Ashtamangala adventures of Vasu’, is one such book that holds the power to take you to an another world and makes you discover a new experience through the story of Vasu.

As the back cover says: ‘Will he be able to find the long lost Divine Ashtamangala Symbols to defeat the evil Samraat Viraat Shukla?

Join Vasu in his quest that takes him on an incredible journey into the depths of Ocean where no Bhoomivaasi has ever been before!

The Ashtamangala Trilogy begins….
No Triumph without Loss
No Victory without Suffering
No Freedom without Sacrifice
And No peace without War!
All will be sacrificed
All will be lost.Unless all unite and join,Vasu’s fight against Evil.

Witness MYTH turn into REALITY!

Unleash the POWER of YOUNG in Bookshops: Ashtamangala Adventures of Vasu’

The first look at the inviting cover design and I was way excited to discover the story behind it.It seemed unique and full of adventures abruptly gaining reader’s attention.On the other hand, blurb at the back cover is precisely knotted, providing proper amount of details in order to attract readers towards it.

The story accelerates with an interesting and alarming event.It there on starts to create a wonderful aroma and a proper ambience.The level of curiosity increases as you move ahead and thus make you completely glued to the story.The story clutches different flavours within it, festooning the beauty of the book.

The story from the very beginning clutched me in its arms, but it seemed to loses its grip in midways. The storyline has a humourous flavour installed within it. The story definitely takes you to an adventurous and bumpy ride, full of thrill and excitement, and one can’t stop himself/herself from turning the pages.

Description of events have been maintained in a good manner.In such type of stories, wild imaginations play a vital role and the author has to be very careful while portraying each scene in order to make it sound real and relatable.In this case, author has completed this task in an efficient manner.

The author has a very good command over language and is evidently reflecting in his writing fashion.He chose peculiar words and descripted the scences in an elaborated manner.The writing fashion has a class, a class that is suitable for the story.I found the writing style charming and classy, adding to the excellent articulation.Author has presented his thoughts in such a manner that readers could easily visualuze minute-minute things very easily while reading.

Fantasy books are rare to find by Indian authors, and when author stands on your expectation you get curious to read more of the writer.Eagerly waiting for next series of The Ashtamangala Triology.Wishing a very good luck and success to the author.

Rating : 4.8/5

Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

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