Review of Atisa and the Time Machine


Title : Atisa and the Time Machine

Authoress : Anu Kumar

“Atisa and the Time Machine: In search of Kalidasa”, by Anu Kumar is the third book of the ‘Atisa’ series.It is a young adult fiction/ fantasy tale which is an amalgamation of 21st century technique(involvement of science) ,and 1800 years ago historical story of King Vikramaditya.

As the back cover says ‘ The era belongs to legendary King Vikramaditya,1800 years ago.

The brilliant star-reader Varahamihira, one of the famed Nine Gems of the King’s court, predicts a rare eclipse that has alarming consequences.Soon after, the scrolls carrying his predictions go missing.While the court considers how to retrieve them, they receive news of yet another disappearance-none other than their celebrated poet Kalidasa! The kingdom errupts in an uproar.

Meanwhile, in our own time, an adventure begins for Atisa, the teenage owner of a time-travelling flying machine! On a peaceful night in the snow-capped Himalayas, Atisa hears mysterious wails of distress through his state-of-the-art sound-catcher.In a whirlwind of events, he is transported to the midst of ancient Pataliputra and its imbroglio over the missing scrolls and poet.

Will Atisa save Kalidasa and the scrolls?’

The story accelerated with an interesting start.It created a fascinating ambience in the very beginning.All the facets of the story are unexpected and unpredictable adding a great charm in the reading journey.This book holds witty remark of history and science.Both are blended well,narrated profounely and presented vigorously.

Description is precise and crisp and there are numerous unpredictable events in order to make reader’s interest alive. There is no unnecessary description involved.Different unpredictable events one after another sprinkled with witty imagination altogether makes this book a good read and offers reader a new taste.Authoress owns a different writing style,and the way she has moulded the sentences makes the journey even more interesting.

The suspense all throughout has been maintained in an effective manner. The pictures provided with some chapters made it quite easy to go with the story and to link properly.Pictures also helped to visualize scenes in a succourative manner.The way authoress has given life to her wild imaginations impressed me.

A different, interesting and humorous storyline make this book stand out of the crowd. I could even see this book soon turning out to be an animated movie.The one who likes to try something unique and different can try this book, as this book brings before you a new combination, a new flavour.

Rating :4.5/5

Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

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