Review of Improving your concentration skills

Author- Godfrey Harris & Kennith Harris


Concentration is required in every field of life.While studying,while doing a specific job,while cooking,while playing and in every field.It is the most desired element in every field of our day to day life to do our job at its best.

‘Improving your concentration skills’ by Godfrey Harris and Kennith Harris is a book concentrated on ‘Concentration’.This is a book co-authored by father and son,which gives us efficient ways to enhance our concentration.

This book is divided in three sections.
The first section deals with the basics of concentration where the authors let you know about what concentation really is,philosphical theory on concentration and some techniques of concentrating on concentration.

The second section is the excercise section.The second section tells us how to concentrate when distraction occurs and mind wanders and it tells about some steps we need to take while doing some work to be fully concentrated.

In third section,he concluded with the concentration thoughts.

Concentrating on a thing is really a problem with me.I couldnt concentrate on the thing the much as it requires.I had been told to do yoga but it failed as it also requires concentration.But one thing I could do with concentration that is reading books.This book really did a miracle.Though I’m not completely focussing but my concentration level is improved,no doubt.This book proved to be helpful for me.


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