Review of Planet Gastronomy

Title: Planet Gastronomy : 100 most popular Global Recipies


Author: Ananya Banerjee


This book holds recipes from the kitchen of countries like Europe, France, Italy,Spain, England, Belgium, Greece, Denmark, Russia, Africa,Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Korea, Japan, China, Turkey, India, Sri Lanka, Banglasdesh, Pakistan, Mexico, USA, Australia, Canada and some more.The author of this book brings in some delicious and mouth-watering recipes for the foodies who cannot resist themselves from going through it once he/she have a look on it.

Cover of Planet Gastronomy : 100 most popular Global Recipies by Ananya Banerjee

As the back cover says:”

  •  an exciting new cookbook containing 100 recipes from 60 countries, perhaps the only one in the world
  • Simple written, triple tested,delectable recipes
  • Glimpses of varied cuisine cultures across the world
  • 100 exquisite and original photographs providing inspiration to try each dish
  • Substitute suggested for ingredients not commonly available
  • Vegetarian alternatives for meat and fish to enjoy internationally admired dishes”


The blurb at the back itself says what is so unique about this book.It very precisely tells about the unique features of her book and the core values of the book.From quality content to quality pages and the presence of antiquity in this book, this book gains my vote.For both vegetarian and non-vegetarian, authoress has provided recipes of tasty food,of some you people are familiar with and some with you are not.But with authoress’s seamless efforts in this book, you would get to learn more about some international recipes which can be cooked with ease in your kitchen also.


The rich quality of pages,gives a rich look to the dishes which every recipe is blessed with and a single look at them rises the inquisitivity within you to learn more about it.Authoress has explained the process of cooking in some simple steps, easy to grasp and understand which encourages the reader to try them in their kitchen.


The dishes authoress has told the recipes of are simple to cook,appealing in look and different if you haven’t tried before the dishes of the mentioned countries.Undoubtedly, I loved the concept of giving the shelter to the recipes of different countries at single destination.The one who is learning to cook different recipes, would love to go through this book,as this book holds simple to cook and different at look recipes.


Gluttons out there,now you can cook for yourself and keep your tummy happy with the delicious dishes this book tells you how to cook and all the home-chefs out there, bring this book to your home to make your loved ones feel elated with the recipes you can learn to cook from this book.




Reviewer: Shweta Kesari

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