Review of Love, Films and Rock ‘n’ Roll


Title : Love, Films and Rock ‘n’ Roll

Author : Swayam Ganguly

“Love, Films and Rock ‘n’ Roll” by Swayam Ganguly is an enthralling story about three young men, finding their ways to fulfill their deepest desires, in spite of all the complications and hitches. The book is an amazing demonstration of the present scenario where life largely revolves around love, music and films. It is a quick, fun and an engaging story which is narrated in an extremely riveting way.

The beginning of the story is based on how train journeys in India are enjoyable with unfamiliar people who can later turn out to be very good friends. Three men travelling to Kolkata, get to know each other during their trip and later destiny choose to bring them together. Sunil, graduated from FTII, wants to direct great movies in Bengali film industry, whereas Sameer, a NRI, returning to his hometown is also in a search of a perfect partner, and Dipsy, who wants to pursue his career in music. With different aspirations, they seek to achieve the lofty heights of success in the respective fields.

As we all know that, difficulties prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny. These three gentlemen, with divergent objectives, face a couple of setbacks in life. As in, Dipsy’s life had always been affected by the differences between him and his father. And after being rusticated from his college, his life was already messed up! Sunil finds it tough to maintain his long distance relationship with Tanya. Moreover, he had to face some harsh realities of Tollywood. As a matter of chance, Sameer falls for a matchmaker.

The book is basically divided into three parts; BOOK-I deals with the meeting of the characters, BOOK-II depicts what all they encounter to reach to their destination and BOOK-III eventually divulges the final outcome of the story.

But will these three manage to overcome the hindrances that life has to offer to them? Will they make up to their agendas and be successful in achieving emotional stability? Will they be able to sort out certain issues of family and love? And most importantly how these three would be brought in conjunction by fate? Well, not revealing much of the story, but one would be really anxious to know the climax of the story.

As the author belongs to Bengal, he exhibited several anecdotes about the place, crowd, and its culture. The characters are inspired by the common people, hence, helps you to easily be engrossed in the lives of the three chief protagonists. Besides, the side characters have been wonderfully depicted. Each one plays a significant part in the story.

The twists and turns mentioned in the book are also relatable. To follow our passion, is what we heed in this era. The youthful energy, if channelized into right directions can do wonders. And this is greatly presented in the book.

The title and the cover of the book are very appealing. Both grabbed my attention towards them. They are perfectly apt for the storyline. Even, the perfect heading of all the chapters are attractive that will add on to your excitement and curiosity. The tale is based on real-life situations with a pinch of humor make it more captivating. Some of the one-liners that are introduced in the story are hilarious. The author adopted a simple yet vivacious style of writing.

The insights of Baul movement and tradition clearly show author’s deep research and knowledge. Furthermore, elucidation of music bands, singers, film directors, actors makes the story interesting.
I find it an absorbing book. I completely enjoyed each and every fragment. Instantly, I got connected with the youth’s state of mind, emotions, stumbling blocks, fantasy, relationships, friendship and family. The different stories of different people just get transformed after a simple rendezvous on a train which also turns to be a long-lasting bond.

All in all, it is a humorous, delightful, vibrant and touching story.
A light read that would ease you and definitely cheer you up!
Eagerly waiting the next one from the author!

Rating : 5/5

Reviewer : Shivani Chauhan

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